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0003 Oil Droplets Impacting Against Horizontal Smooth Surfaces
0014 Study On Parameters Settings For Finishing Ram EDM Of AISI P20 Tool Steel
0018 Proposal Of An Evaluation Model Of Knowledge Management In The Product Development Process
0019 Turning Of Annealed Aisi H13 Hot Work Die Steel
0020 An Alternative Derivation Of Classic Coning Motion Via Euler Angles
0021 Forced Singular Perturbations In Multirate Terrestrial Strapdown Navigation
0022 A Wire Drawing Machine Designed For Research And Experimental Teaching For Mechanical And Metallurgical Engineering Courses
0028 Sensing Effectivess Of Piezoelectric Patches With Finite Stiffness Bonding
0030 Gears Coupling Efforts
0031 The Curzon-Ahlborn Efficiency Of Combined Cycles
0032 Thermal Behaviour Of Pressurized Water Heater
0033 A Model For Strain-Temperature Loops In Shape Memory Alloy Actuators
0035 Sculling And Scrolling Effects On The Performance Of Multirate Terrestrial Strapdown Navigation Algorithms
0036 Data Structure And Stationary Iterative Solution Methods For Large Sparse Linear Systems
0037 The Essential Operation’s Manual For The Incoming Higher Education Student
0039 Gas-Liquid Esp Performance Mapping
0040 Flow Past A Sphere At Moderate Reynolds Numbers
0042 Exergoeconomic Optimization Of Refrigeration Systems
0043 Analysis Of The Infeed Rate Influence In Grinding Processes With Conventional Wheel
0048 An Overview About Human Development And The Potential Of Energy Conservation
0050 A Mechanistic Model For Horizontal Gravel Pack Displacement
0051 Inverse Heat Conduction Technique To Be Applied In Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)
0052 Aircraft Parameter Estimation Of Longitudinal Dynamics Using Frequency Response Error
0053 Compressive Creep Behavior Of Hot-Pressed Si3N4 Ceramics
0054 Thermodynamic Simulation Of High Temperature, Internal Reforming Fuel Cell Systems
0057 On The Behavior Of Coned-Face And Misaligned Spiral Groove Gas Face Seals
0059 Alteration Of Vertical Film Flow Parameters In The Entrance Region
0062 Empirical Modeling Of Direct-Expansion Air Conditioners For Building Energy Efficiency Analyses
0065 Radial Vibration Analysis Of A Vertical Rotor With Tilting-Pad Thrust Bearing
0066 Fatigue Damage In Sae/Aisi 8620 Steel
0068 Numerical Analysis Of Thermochemical Nonequilibrium Hypersonic Flows Using The Finite Element Method
0070 Fundamental Concepts Of Production Management Systems And Traditional Methods For Their Integration
0072 A New Approach To Calculate The Transmission Error Of Helical Gear Pairs With Modified Tooth Surface
0074 Forest Waste Energy Evaluation Of Part Of Europe’s Largest Woodland (Center N.E. Of Portugal)
0076 Evaluation Of The Influence Of The Particle Shape On The Thermal Parameters In A Packed Bed With Gas And Liquid Co-Current Downflow
0078 Structured Multiblock Flow Simulations Over Sounding Rocket Configurations Including The Influence Of Fins
0082 Empirical Model Building For The Optimum Design Of Rotating Machinery
0084 Laminar Natural Convection Insidea Closed Semi-Cylindrical Cavity
0085 Laminar Natural Mixed Convection In A Trapezoidal Enclosure With Input And Out Put Air
0086 Compressibility Effects On Flowfield Structure Of Truncated Wedges In Low-Density Hypersonic Flow
0088 Aerodynamic Heating On Blunt Nose Shapes In Rarefied Hypersonic Flow
0090 Effect Of Surface Treatments On Titanium On The Osteogenesis And Simulation Of The Microstresses In The Interface Titanium / Bone
0091 The Dynamic Behaviour Study Of A Passenger Car During Handling Maneuvers.
0092 Balancing Of Flexible Rotors Without Trial Weights , By Using Optimization Techniques
0094 Availability Optimization Of Redundant System With Genetic Algorithm
0095 Finite Element Evaluation Of The Failure In A Deep Drawing Die Used In The Manufacturing Of An Automotive Shock Absorber Endcap
0096 Impact Of Correlation Errors On Optimum Kalman Filter Gain Identification
0099 Fitting Of The Parameters Of Stiffness And Damping To Flexible Coupling Models In Rotor-Bearings-Coupling System Using The Frequency Response Functions
0104 Hydrodynamic And Mass Transfer Study In Parastillation Columns Top
0105 Simulation Of Offloading Operations In Fpso Units
0107 Teaching Engineering Thermodynamics In A Small And Medium Enterprise Environment
0110 Behaviour Of The Turbulent Tensions Through Boundary Layer
0111 Effects On Actual Profits When Using Exhaust Gas Turbine In Heat Recovery Application-Case Study
0112 Sensibility Analysis Of Electrochemical Impedance Under Bubble-Induced And Forced Convections
0113 Numerical Modelling Of 2D Elastodynamic Problems Using Boundary Elements And The Operational Quadrature Method
0116 A Particular Inner Structure For Bicomponent Fuel Diffusion Flames
0117 On Multicomponent Flows: Mechanical Modeling And Finite Element Simulations
0121 Decision Support Based On Data From Integrated Manufacturing Systems
0123 The Role Of Qfd In The Product Development Process - A Multiple Case Study
0130 The Acceleration Of The Successive Substitution Method To Calculate The Flash Isothermal
0131 Automatic Creation Of Fuzzy Inference Diagnosis System Of Defects In Industrial Plant
0132 A Review Of The Delaunay Mesh Generation For Heat Transfer Finite Element Analysis
0134 Energy Balance In Pulsating Combustors
0135 Experimental Analysis Of The Structural Dynamic Response Under Uncertain Conditions
0136 Methodology Development Based On Robust Design And Statistical Optimization Techniques Applied In Mechanical Components
0140 Robust Disturbance Rejection With Time Domain Specifications In Control Systems Design
0141 Assessment Of Simplified Pipe-Soil Interaction Models
0145 Combined Heat And Mass Transfer Through A Backfill Soil
0147 Study On Burr Formation When Turning ABNT 1045 Carbon Steel
0148 A New Optimization Method For Production Planning Problems Using Simulated Annealing
0149 Commercial Starch Consolidation Technique For Shaping Silicon Carbide (Sic) Ceramics
0150 Comparative Study On Single-Lap And Wavy -Lap Adhesive Bonded Composites Joints
0151 Numerical And Experimental Analysis Of Vortex Shedding Phenomena Around A Set Rectangular Cylinders In Tandem.
0152 The Near-Wall Influence On The Flow Around A Single Square Cylinder.
0153 Hot Machining: A Review
0157 Assessment Of Welding Residual Stresses In Rectangular Plates Using Vibration Data
0160 Adaptive Rbf Neural Network Control For A Biped-Walking Machine
0162 Structural Damping Estimation Of Mechanical Systems.
0163 Errors In Transmission Loss Prediction - The Bispectrum And Kurtosis Approaches.
0164 Numerical Analysis Of Mechanics Of Highly Extensible Cables
0165 A Tool for Evaluating Quality of Work Life
0168 Engineering Focused In Human Resources: Case Study Of An MTM Application In A Workstation
0170 Application Of Direct Adaptive Generalized Predictive Control (Gpcad) To A Robotic Joint
0171 Study Of Alternative Lubricants To The Cold Extrusion Of Steel Shafts
0174 Wing Structure Modal Parameter Estimation And Qualification Using ERA
0176 Financial Optimization Of Micro Cogeneration Plants Using A Task Configuration System
0177 Numerical And Experimental Analysis Of Tube Drawing With Floating Plug
0178 Tio2 Ceramic Conformation Using Starch And Commercial Protein
0180 Probabilistic Structural Analysis Applied To Spring Leaf Suspension Assembly Of Semi-Trailer Tank Vehicle
0182 A Steady Pseudo-Compressibility Approach On Unstructured Hybrid Finite Volume Techniques Applied To Calculate A Steady Turbulent Premixed Flame
0185 A Proposal Of Reliability Analysis Methodology For Hydraulic Presses Drive System
0186 Pulsed Plasma Thruster Development
0187 Biot Number Effects On The Numerical Stability Of Heat And Mass Transfer Problems
0189 Dynamic Simulation Of Fan-Coil Systems
0194 Exergoeconomic Optimization Of Aqua-Ammonia Power Cycles
0196 Drying In A Vertical Pneumatic Bed: Study Of The Fluid Dynamic And Heat Transfer
0200 Productivity: A Case Study Of Production Management System Implement In A Brazilian Industry Top
0205 Optimization Techniques For Fault Identification In Rotor Dymanics
0206 Thermodynamic Analysis Of The Supercritical Startup Of Cryogenic Heat Pipes
0208 Two-Phase Flow Patterns Visualization Of Carbon Dioxide In A Microchannel
0211 Post-Buckling Analysis Of Slender Elastic Rods Subjected To Uniform Thermal Loads
0214 Numerical Evaluation Of The Combustion Process In A Vitiated Air Generator Of A Direct-Connect Supersonic Combustion Research Facility
0216 Use Of A Frequency Response Function In A Two-Dimensional Model For Simultaneous Thermal Properties Estimation
0223 Stresses In Composite Materials Used In Steel Pipe Repair
0225 Research Examples And Development Of Surface Micromachining Process Using Porous Si As Sacrificial Layer
0230 Analysis Of Gas Turbine Off-Design Safe Operation Using Variable Geometry Compressor
0231 Post-Buckling Analysis Of Slender Elastic Rods Subjected To Terminal Forces And Self Weight
0237 Mathematical Model To Determine The Hydrodynamic Forces On A Semi-Submersible Platform
0238 Collaborative Environment To Support Injection Mould Design
0239 A Model For Numerical Simulation Of Variable Stator Axial Flow Compressors
0240 Influence Of The Admission Process On Emissions From An Alcohol Internal Combustion Engine.
0242 Mechanical Design: Relationship Between Functional Semantic And Geometric Domain Modeling For Parts
0243 Fault Detection Of Rotor-Support-Structure Including Foundation Effects
0247 Software For Dc Electromagnetic Pump Simulation - Bemc-1
0254 Continuous Casting And Thixoforming Of Semisolid Wrought Aluminum Alloys
0255 Nonlinear Analysis Of Composite Beams With Partial Interaction
0256 Non Quality Costs Reduction In Submerged Arc Welding Process
0258 Optimization Of Power Consumption In Pneumatic Conveying Systems By Adaptive Control Of The Flow Regime
0259 Numerical Analysis Of Three-Dimensional Turbulent Flow By Finite Element Method And Large Eddy Simulation
0261 Experimental Investigation On Thermally Stratified Flows In Nuclear Reactors Piping
0264 Modeling Of Drying Process In A Pneumatic Conveyor: Part I – Fluid Dynamic Analysis
0265 Thermoeconomic Analysis Of A CAES Plant (Compressed Air Energy Storage) - Simulation With Data From A Brazilian Electric Power Supplier
0268 Bubble Dynamic Segments Numeric Modeling In Horizontal Gas-Liquid Intermittent Flow
0269 A Numerical Technique For Simulating Viscoelastic Axisymmetric Free Surface Flows
0270 Design, Construction And Test Of A Two-Stage Traction Planetary Speed Reducer
0271 Controlling Chaos In A Nonlinear Pendulum
0272 Chaos In Water Body Eutrophication
0273 Mathematical Modeling of Industrial Soybeans Dryers With Cogeneration or Trigieneration
0274 Modeling Surface Flaw Transition To A Through Crack
0275 Propagation Of Curved Fatigue Cracks Under Variable Amplitude Loading
0276 Improving The Positioning Accuracy Of Robotic Manipulators Subject To Base Oscillations
0277 Comparison Between Strain-Controlled And Stress-Controlled Fatigue Test Procedures In AA7175-T1 Aluminum Alloy
0278 Changes In Volumetric Fraction Of Ferrite And Sigma Phases After Isothermal Aging Between 700°C And 900°C Of UNS S31803 (SAF 2205) Duplex Stainless Steel
0281 Microhardness Of UNS S31803 (SAF 2205) Duplex Stainless Steel After Isothermal Aging Between 700°C And 900°C
0282 Stop And Go Cruise Control System Tuned By Genetic Algorithm
0283 An Optimal Design Of The 3r Manipulators Taking Into Account Regular Workspace Boundary
0284 Numerical Determination Of Time Constant In An Electromechanical Drive System Non-Linear Model Based In Stepper Motors
0285 A Low Reynolds Number K- Model For Viscoelastic Fluids
0286 Electrochemical Machining Of Sae-Xev-S Austenitic
0288 Wind Turbine Controller Tuning By Genetic Algorithm
0289 The Free Surface Hydrodynamic Impact Problem: A Brief Review And Experiments With A Hemisphere
0290 Vortex-Induced Vibrations Experiments With An Elastically Mounted Cantilevered Cylinder In Water: New Results On Sub-Harmonic Resonance And Stream-Wise Added Mass
0291 Simulation Of A Linear Piezoelectric Motor By Using Finite Element Method
0294 Influence Of Ambient Temperature In Combined Cycle Power Plant Performance
0295 A Model For The Effect Of Turbulence On The Molecular Viscosity Of Generalized Newtonian Fluids
0298 Horizontal Enlargement Of The Stress-Strain Loop On A Thermo-Plastic-Phase Transformation Coupled Model For Shape Memory Alloys
0299 Analysis Of Shape Memory Bars Using Finite Element Method
0301 Finite Element Method Applied To Intelligent Beams With Shape Memory Actuators Top
0304 Finite Element Failure Analysis Of An Internal Combustion Gas Engine Insert
0305 Nonlinear Sloshing Of Gravity Waves In A Reservoir
0306 Quenching Process Modeling In Steel Cylinders Using A Multi-Phase Constitutive Model
0307 Analysis Of Thermomechanical Coupling In Quenching Process
0308 Simulation Of Quenching Process Using The Finite Element Method
0310 Comparative Study With Alternative Materials For Manufacture Of Machine Tool Structures
0315 Comparative Analysis Of Vortex Method Simulations Of The Flow Around Circular Cylinder Using A Source Panel Method And The Circle Theorem
0317 Analysis Of Non-Newtonian Flows Through Contractions And Expansions
0319 Dynamical Analysis Of An Off-Road Vehicle Suspension
0320 Modeling Residual Stresses In Offshore Chain Links Using Finite Element Method
0322 Loading Response Of Transmissions Sets Using Epicyclic Gear Trains
0327 Use Of A CFD Based Numerical Model To Calculate Heat Transfer In Boiler Superheaters Panels
0330 The Use Of A Uniform Extrapolating Mesh In The General Finite Element Method
0331 CFD Based Numerical Modeling Of Different Furnace Configurations Using Air Staging And Reburning
0332 Power Calibration Of The Triga Mark I Nuclear Reactor
0336 Numerical Simulation Of Flows In The Presence Of Moving Boundaries Using The Immersed Boundary Method
0337 Optimizing Breast Reconstruction With Adjustable Implants: A Numerical Analysis
0338 Numerical Analysis On The Propagation Of Circular Crack During Cyclic Indentation Of Coated Systems
0339 Mechanical Behavior Analysis Of The High Density Polyethylene After Been Submitted To Cyclic Loading
0340 Development Of Software For Synthesis Of Truss-Based Compliant Mechanisms Using Topology Optimization.
0341 Numerical Simulation Of The Combustion Processes In Cylindrical Chambers
0344 Transient Simulation Of A Flat Capillary Heat Pipe Via An Interface Tracking Method
0348 Petri Nets And OO For The Modular Analysis Of An Aircraft Landing System
0352 Application Of The Multiple Shooting Method To The Optimization Of A Production Model
0353 Dynamical Behavior Of A Portal Frame
0356 Test Section Flow Calibration Of The Wind Tunnel Of The Aeronautical Institute Of Technology”
0357 On The Dynamics Of A Flexible Portal Frame Subjected To Two No-Ideal Excitations
0362 Boundary Element Analysis Of Panels Reinforced By Adhesive Plates
0364 Deflection Of Flexible Beams Using Shape Memory Alloy Actuators
0367 A Comparative Study Of Hot/Cold Wire Anemometer Data Reduction
0368 Alternative To Traditional Systems Of Vibration Control Of Rotating Machinery
0369 On The Flow Near The Leading Edge Of A Flat Plate
0370 Mathematical Modeling Of An Electropneumatic Pressure Regulator Servo-Valve
0372 Increasing Performance Efficiency In Manufacturing Systems With Production Improvement Techniques And Discrete-Event Simulation
0379 Stress Elements For Elastoplasticity: A Trefftz Formulation With Plastic Control On The Boundary
0380 Experimental Investigation Of The Flow Past A Rotating Circular Cylinder
0382 Denting And Collapse Of Thin-Walled Risers Under Lateral Loads
0383 An Experimental Heat Transfer Behaviour Study For A Cold Jet Impinging On A Hot Surface
0388 A Novel System For Colonoscopy
0395 Flow Field Computational Analysis In A Solid Fuel Ramjet Combustor
0405 Alternative Process For Unconventional Forming Of Junction In Thin-Walled Metal Tubes Top
0406 Large Eddy Simulation Applied On Vortex Induced Vibration Problems
0409 Computational Simulation Of Pulsating Turbulent Flow In Pipes
0410 Entropy Generation In Rectangular Pipes With No-Uniform Temperature On The Contour
0412 The Optimization Of Cutting Parameters Aiming The Dry
Turning Of Abnt 1045 Steel In Rough Operations
0417 Elastic Analysis Of Thrust Bearings
0418 Turbulent Flow In Air Conditioning Ducts With Complex Geometry
0422 Experimental Characterization Of Two-Phase Flows
0423 Local Loss Coefficient In Sudden Expansion Laminar Flows Of Inelastic Shear-Thinning Fluids
0424 The Behaviour Of Near-Wall Bubble Plumes
0425 Comparison Among The FEM, SEM And Bessel-Based Dynamic Stiffness Methods For Modelling Of Tapered Beams
0427 Development Of A XY Piezoelectric Nanopositioner
0428 Application Of Wavelet Transform In De-Noising Eddy-Current Testing Signals Of Heat Exchanger Tubes
0431 Natural Gas Steam Reforming For Hydrogen Production: An Energetic Approach
0438 Drying Of Ceramic Materials: Numerical And Experimental Research
0440 Controlador De Posição Linear Hidro-Pneumático
0441 Numerical Simulation Of A Turbulent Flow Over A Heated Wall
0445 Modelling The Dynamical Behaviour Of Smart Beams With Er/Mr Fluids Using Fem.
0446 Bending Effects On Fatigue Crack Propagation Of Circumferential Butt Welds Of API 5L X-65 Steel
0447 Aeroelastic Functional Approximation Via An Artificial Neural Network Reduced- Order Model
0448 Dynamic Testing Device For Off-Road Vehicle Suspensions Analysis
0449 Critical Heat Flux Margin Evaluation
0451 Development Of A Dynamic Positioning System Simulator For Offshore Operations
0459 Flight Test Process Management Using Stochastic Petri Nets
0460 Analytical Comparisons Between 2D Heat, Mass And Momentum Transfer In Capillary Porous Media
0463 Hydrogen Alternative Route For The Reduction Of Iron Ore In Brazil
0464 Modeling Delamination In Laminate Structures Under Torsion Loading
0465 Conventional And Lqg Controllers Applied To Electromagnetic Dynamometer
0467 Daily Performance Evaluation Of A Trombe Wall
0469 Didactic Analysis Of The Epicyclical Gear Train Representation
0471 Comparison Of Optical And Electrical Temperatures In Atmospheric Pressure (TIG) Arcs
0472 Topology Optimization Of Continuum Two-Dimensional Structures Under Compliance And Stress Constraints
0474 Design Parameters of a Vortical (Swirler), Radial and Axial Flame Holder
0477 Evaluation Of Thermal Performance Index For Air Conditioned Commercial Buildings
0480 A PMV Control Strategy Model For Aircraft Air Conditioning System
0481 A Methodology For The Determination Of Wind Turbine Factor Capacity Related To A Certain Local And A Real Example
0482 Nonlinear Analysis Of Flapping Motion Of Helicopter Rotor Blades In Hover With Gust Effects
0483 Experimental Determination Of Vibration Energy And Sea Coupling Loss Factors Of A T-Shaped Beam
0484 Axisymmetric Bem Formulation For Contact-Induced Crack Propagation Analysis: Further Indentation Tests
0487 Analysis Of Adhesive Bonded Joints
0490 Water Melting And Solidification Considering The Natural Convection In Polar Geometry
0491 Shape Evolution And Shrinkage Of A Gel System During Drying By Forced Convection
0493 Genetic Learning Automata And Fuzzy Classifier System
Applied To Active Chassis System
0495 Simultaneous Heat And Mass Transfer In Packed Bed Drying Of Shrinking Particles
0499 Engineering Analysis Of The Transmission Of Respiratory Diseases Through The Air
0501 Stochastic Technical Efficiency Analysis Of Electrical Power Plants Centered On Availability Top
0502 Singular Solution Of An Integro-Differential Equation In Elastodynamics
0503 On The Use Of The Equivalent Source Method For Nearfield Acoustic Holography
0506 Fatigue Strength Criterion For Hard Metals: Improvement Upon A Model For Multiaxial Loading Conditions
0507 Structural And Instrumentation Design Of A Force Sensor In A Railway Coupler
0508 A Theory For Laminated Plates With Piezoelectric Layers
0509 Programing A Robot Manipulator To Follow A Trajectory Captured By Vision System
0513 Determinaton And Optimization Of Parameters In Milling By Ga Approach
0516 Filtering GPS Navigation Solutions For Static Positioning
0520 Study Of The Potential Of Irregular Shaped Bodies
0527 Proposal Of Methodology For Obtaining The Response Of Randon Excited Structures
0528 Experiments On Real Time Positioning Of A GPS Receiver Using Differential GPS
0530 Turbulence Models Evaluation With Respect To The Prediction Of The Backstep Problem
0531 Machining Parameters Selection To Avoid Chatter In High Speed Milling
0535 Mechanical Evaluation Of A Respiratory Device
0536 Exergy Analyze Of Soybeans Drying Plants With Cogeneration Or Trigeneration
0537 Two Phase Flows Mapping By Electrical Impedance Tomography: Preliminary Studies To Improve The Reconstruction Techniques
0538 A New Method For Hardness Calculation Using Instrumented Indentation Testing
0539 A Design Tool For Reinforced Non-Pressurized Underground Pipes
0540 Representing Curves And Surfaces In B-Rep Solid Modelers
0544 Bi-Impulsive Orbital Transfers Between Coplanar Orbits With Minimum Time For A Prescribed Fuel Consumption
0546 An Exact FEM Geometrical Non-Linear Analysis Of Frames Based On Position Description
0547 Analysis Of Fastened Joints – Part 1: The Influence Of Secondary Bending
0548 A Micromechanics Approach To Predict Burst Pressure In Cracked Pipelines
0551 The Environmental Simulation Of The "Humidity Sounder For Brazil - HSB".
0553 Analysis Of Fastened Joints – Part 2: Determination Of Stress Fields Around Fasteners
0555 Characterization Of Oil Viscosity Alteration In A Gearbox Through The Vibrational Signal Analysis
0557 Keplerian Elements Evolution In Orbital Maneuvers Through Superposition And Correlated Thrust Vector Deviations
0558 Damage Accumulation Study In Fatigue Testing Using The Barkhausen Noise
0560 Pc-Based Control Of A Modular Od/Id Grinding Machine With Bearings Preloaded By Inclined Iron Core Linear Electric Motor
0561 Parameter Identification Of Actuator Non-Linear Model Based On Limit-Cycle Phenomenon
0565 The Influence Of Viscosity In The Gas-Liquid Slug Flow
0566 Vertical Overhung Rotor Dynamics With Impact
0567 Numerical Investigation On Gas-Displacement Of Viscoelastic Liquids In Capillary Tubes
0569 Determination Of The Temperature Fields In A Loudspeaker
0570 Propagation Of SH And Lamb Waves In Bonded Plates
0572 An Investigation Of The Effect Of Machining Parameters On Strain Induced Martensite Formation During Turning In An Austenitic Stainless Steel.
0573 The Use Of The Dilation Method In The Detection Of The Critical Heat Flux In Simulated Nuclear Fuel Elements
0575 J-Q Approach For Cleavage Fracture In Different Structural Components.
0576 Fracture Toughness And Fatigue Crack Propagation Resistance Properties In Corrosion Resistant Welded Joints(*)
0577 Kinematic Control Of The Magellan-Isr Mobile Robot
0578 2d Fan Tomographic Reconstruction Of Flame Chemiluminescent Emission
0579 Teaching Industrial Ecology At The Faculty Of Engineering Of Brasilia University
0580 A Simple And Accurate Procedure For Shape Sensitivity Analysis
0581 Numerical Investigation Of Inviscid Hypersonic Flow Over A Reentry Vehicle
0584 A Wind Tunnel Study Of Thermally Stratified Boundary Layers Over Rough Surfaces
0586 Experimental Analysis Of The Turbulent Flow Inside A Tube Bank With Baffle Plates
0588 Life Cycle Assessment (Lca) Of A Gas Turbine Power Plant
0593 Behavior Of ERA And Its Variants In The Presence Of Noise As Function Of The Damping And Flexibility Of A Structure
0594 Flow Simulation Through Arteriovenous Fistulae
0597 Effective Damping Value Of Piezoelectric Transducer Determined By Experimental Techniques And Numerical Analysis
0605 Buckling Analysis Of Sandwich Plates: A Three Layer Quasi 3D Finite Element Model Top
0610 Vibration In Pre-Manufactured Floor Used In Steel Structure Buildings
0611 Tractor Pig
0612 The Effect Of The Surface Condition On Nucleate Pool Boiling Of Refrigerant R-11 On Cylindrical Copper Surfaces
0620 Gain Computation Strategy For An Attitude Control System
0621 Obtaining Range Infromation With An Omnidirectional Vision System
0623 Viscoelastic Properties Of Composite Laminated Beams By Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
0624 Modeling The Strain Rate Corrosion Testing Of Austenitic Steels Using Continuum Damage Mechanics
0625 A Study Of Operational Parameters Involved In The Project Of A Particuled Bed Reactor For Lead Removal Of Industrial Wastewater
0631 Active Lubrication: Feasibility And Limitations On Reducing Vibration In Rotating Machinery
0634 Hydrodynamic Stability In An Electrochemical Cell With Rotating Disk Electrode: Effect Of A Non-Stationary Viscosity Profile
0635 A New Probe For Measuring The Gas-Liquid Interface Profile In Horizontal Two-Phase Flows
0639 Parameter Setting And Preliminary Sizing Of A LRE
0640 Multi-Media Based Scenario: Teaching Product Development Process Through Web-Case Analysis
0646 Blood Coagulation Time Dependence Of The Polymeric-Surface Contacting Area On A Left Ventricle Assist Device Implanted In Calves
0648 Dynamic Behaviour Of Typical Heavy Vehicles Submitted To Road Irregularities
0654 Numerical Model Of An Inflatable Solar Collector
0657 Dynamic Instability Of Fluid Filled Circular Cylindrical Shells
0663 Natural Convection On Vertical Flat Plates: A Numerical And Experimental Study
0666 Model Of Cylindrical Plasma Arc Column In Presence Of Pulsations
0668 Parameter Identification Of A Rigid-Flexible Satellite Using Kalman Filter
0671 Influence Of The Anisotropy On The Mechanical Behavior Of Laminated Beams
0672 U-Tube Steam Generator - UTSG, A MATLAB Dynamic Simulation Application.
0673 Application Of The Discrete Ordinate Method To Radiative Heat Transfer To Two Dimensional Enclosures With Diffusely Emitting And Reflecting Boundary Walls
0676 Numerical Simulation Of Furnaces Transient Regims For Grain Drying.
0681 Nonlinear Analysis Of A Prestressed Steel Pipeline Crossing
0682 Low Cost Distributed Computational Implementation Of A Finite Element Code For Flow Analysis Using Windows Environment
0690 Finite Element Evaluation Of Fatigue Strength
0691 Orbits For Space Debris Considering The Obleteness Of The Earth And The Radiation Pressure
0694 Mimo Modal Parameter Identification Under Stochastic Noise Influence
0695 The Product Engineering Quality Plan
0696 Experimental One Axis Attitude Determination Using GPS Carrier Phase Measurements
0700 Hovering Helicopter Blade Stability In Flutter Top
0703 Thermal And Optical Characterization Of Materials Using Photoacoustic Spectroscopy: An Inverse Problem Approach
0704 Method Of Spline-Interpolation: Application In Chemical Kinetic Equations
0705 Construction Of A Scratch Test Machine
0707 Hall-Petch Dependence Of J-Fracture Toughness Parameters For A Rpv Steel - Part I: Annealed Microstructures
0708 Multiobjective Solutions For Practical Engineering Trusses Systems
0709 Structural Integrity Evaluation Of A Ball Mill
0711 Hall-Petch Dependence Of J-Fracture Toughness Parameters For A Rpv Steel Part Ii: Quenched And Tempered Microstructures
0712 Quantitative Risk Analysis Of A Pest Control Product Plant
0714 Hall-Petch Dependence Of Dynamic Fracture Toughness For A Rpv Steel
0715 Flows In Annuli Of Directional Wells With Varying Eccentricity
0716 Preliminary Analysis Of Risks Applied To Construction And Assembly Of Chemical Plants
0718 Explosion Effects Of Lpg-Air Mixture In Congested Areas
0719 Detection Of Heavy Metal Contamination In Biological Fluids
0720 A Methodology For Generating The Finite Element Mesh Of A Typical Human Tooth
0723 Modeling End Milling With Run Out
0726 Object Oriented Finite Element Implementation
0729 A Simultaneous And Coupled Simulation Scheme For The Conventional Intermittent Gas Lift
0731 Hall-Petch Dependence Of Dynamic Critical Stretch Zone Width (Szwc) On Grain Size For A Rpv Steel
0732 Burning Characteristics Of Wood Cylinders
0738 Real Time Estimation Of GPS Receiver Clock Offset By The Kalman Filter
0740 Integral Transform Analysis Of Heat Transfer Conduction In Ellipsoidal Solids
0741 A Generalized Solution For The Laminar Vertical Plate Free Convection Flows
0745 A Numerical-Experimental Study Concerning With Ice Storage Tanks
0747 Topology Optimization Method Applied To Obtain Images From Electrical Impedance Tomography Technique
0751 Adaptive Self-Tunning Neuro Wavelet Controllers
0760 Hybrid Control To Mitigate Excessive Vibrations Caused By Dynamic Loading With Random Perturbation In Tall Buildings
0762 Distributed And Non-Steady-State Model Of An Air Cooler
0765 Modal Vibration Control In Periodic Time-Varying Structures With Focus On Rotor-Blade Systems
0766 Numerical Simulation Of Damage And Failure Of Composite Pressure Vessels
0768 Perturbation Of A Stationary Solution Of A Nonlinear Conservative Sysyem Under Resonance Conditions
0769 A Flight Simulation Applied To Thrust Control
0770 Microstructural Evaluation And Continuous Cooling Transformation Curve Of A Microalloyed Medium Carbon Steel
0772 Analysing Transient Vibration Signals With Parametric Time Frequency Methods
0778 Application Of The Hénon?S Orbit Transfer Problem To Maneuver A Satellite In A Constelation
0781 The Influence Of Reinforcement Beams In The Irradiation Efficiency Of Simply Supported Plates
0783 Stability Analysis Of Fuzzy Controllers Using The Modified Popov Criterion
0784 On The Implementation Of Advanced Turbulence Models For Unstructured-Grid Aerospace Applications
0785 Wind Tunnel Experiments And Numerical Simulations Of Forest Fire Spreading
0786 Study Of The Third-Body Perturbation Using Single Average Technique: The Case Of Retrograde Orbits
0787 An Approximate Solution To The External Cooling Of A Two Dimensional Block Subjected To An Internal Heat Source
0789 An Analysis Of Cost Elements Of DFX Techniques
0790 Space Trajectories In The Bi-Circular Resctricted Four-Body Problem
0791 Simulation Of Soy Grains Drying Dynamics In Camera Of Fixed Bed
0796 Heat Transfer And Fluid Flow Simulation In A Closed-Loop Natural Circulation Solar Water Heating System
0798 Absolute Permeability Upscaling Near Wells In Fine Grids Representing Petroleum Reservoirs
0799 Comparison Between Multiple Vibration Absorbers And Single Vibration Absorbers Systems
0803 Effect of training and the reduction of the austenitic grain size on the morphology of the stress-induced å -martensite in stainless SMAs Top
0804 Using A Solar Chimney To Dry Agricultural Products
0805 Analysis Of A Steel Mill Power System Using Exergoeconomic Factors
0808 Eddy Currents Torque Model For Spin Stabilized Earth Spacecraft
0810 Simulation Of The Aircraft Cabin Cool-Down And Warm-Up Processes
0812 The Effect Of System Pressure And Gravity On The Stability Of Two-Phase Flow Natural Circulation Loops
0816 Effects Of Insertion Of Resonating Chambers In The Intake System Of Internal Combustion Engines On The Air Charge
0818 Heat Transfer In The Wake Behind A Body Using A Particle Method
0821 Compliance Topology Optimization Of Laminate Shell Structures
0822 On The Scattering Of Comets By Saturn
0828 Solar Dryers: A State-Of-The-Art-Review
0831 Model Of Mechanism Behavior For Verification Of Plc Programs
0832 Absolute Instability Of The Flow Over A Rotating Disk With Viscosity
0833 Solar Drying Of Banana Using A Solar Chimney
0837 A Methodology To Determine The Temperature Distribution On The Ground Under A Plastic Cover Exposed To The Solar Radiation
0838 Development Of Laboratorial Lpp Combustion Chamber For Nox Emission Characterization In Gas Turbines
0841 Experimental Comparison Of The Control Solutions For Pneumatic Servo Actuators
0843 Assessment Of Turbulence Modelling For CFD Simulations Into Hydroturbines: Spiral Casings
0845 A Time Domain Based Mechanical System Identification
0846 Modelling Part-Load Performance Of A Gas Turbine
0847 Non-Linear Analysis Of Bending Stiffeners
0848 Load Control And Part-Load Performance Of A Combined Cycle Operating In Cogeneration Conditions
0849 Application Of Superstructures To The Optimization Of Cogeneration Systems
0850 Development Of A High Resolution Underwater Acoustic Positioning System
0851 Cellular Composites For Double Curvature Applications
0852 Determination Of Turbulence Level In The TA-2 Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel
0853 Fault Diagnosis In Stationary Rotor Systems Through Correlation Analysis And Artificial Neural Network
0856 Multi-rigid-body contact problems with Coulomb friction:
complementarity and equivalent formulations
0863 The Development Of Shape Memory Actuators For Anthropomorphic Upper Limb Prostheses
0871 Study Of The Wear Behavior Of Aisi 304 Austenitic Stainless Steel Using Response Surface Methodology
0874 A New Methodology For Composites Manufacturing Evaluation
0879 A Flexible ?Ale? Finite Element Procedure For The Analysis Of Fluid-Structure Applications
0880 Seeding Of Goertler Vortices Through A Suction And Blowing Strip
0881 Comparative Study Of Component Mode Synthesis Methods Applied To Structure Dynamics
0882 Image Analyses Characterization Of The Microstructures In Ductile Iron
0884 Analysis Of Interfacial Crack In Bimaterial Laminates Using Boundary Element Method
0887 Simulation Of The Airplane Wake Using The Vortex Method With Turbulence Modeling
0889 Leak Detection Systems Using A Fuzzy System
0893 Combined Compressor-Expander In Fuel Cell Application
0896 Dual Reciprocity Boundary Element Method Applied To Transient Conduction Of Heat Transfer In Axisymmetric Bodies Submitted To Arbitrary Boundary Conditions
0898 Analysis Of Metrics In The Product Development Process Of The Aerospace Industry
0899 A New Approach With Quasi-Dual Reciprocity Boundary Element Method Applied To Advective-Diffusive Equation For Potential Fluid Flow
0901 Transient Conduction-Radiation Heat Transfer In Multilayer Planar Participating Media With Flux Boundary Condition Top
0903 Characterization Of The Physical Parameters In A Process Of Magnetic Separation
0907 Spatial Distribution Of The Probability Of Death Due To Heavy Gas Accidental Releases
0910 Natural Convection Flow In A Rectangular Enclosure With An Internal Cylinder
0914 Safety Investigation On A Railway Passenger Vehicle
0917 Meshless Interpolation Applied To Fluid Structure Interaction
0919 Commanding Mobile Robots With Chaos
0920 Simulation Of A Flow Through An Unsaturated Nonisothermal Wellbore
0922 Numerical Simulation Of Non-Reacting Pollutants Transport In An Adiabatic Atmosphere
0927 Effects Of Temperature And Concentration On The Parameters Of Carreau Model For A Non-Newtonian Fluid
0931 Analysis Of The Influence Of Different Cutting Fluids In The Wear Of Cbn Wheel In High Speed Grinding
0934 Study And Calibration Of Vortex Flow Meter
0937 Leak Detection In Simple Pipelines Via Compensated Volume Balance With Linefill Correction
0938 Numerical Simulation Of Gas-Solid Flow In The Riser Of Circulating Fluidized Beds - A Turbulence Analysis Approach
0940 Non-Local Finite Strain Elasticity Models For Trusses
0945 Model Of Hydroelectric Power Plant Trashracks Including Fluid-Structure Interaction
0946 Technical And Economic Analysis Of A Fuel Cell Cogeneration System
0947 Air Pollution Emissions Originated From Intense Vehicle Trafic In Urban Tunnels
0948 Fluid-Structure Interaction Study
0950 Hopf Bifurcation Of Systems With Terms Of Type V|V| : An Analysis Using The Central Manifold Theorem And Integral Averaging Techniques
0951 Stress Analysis Of Healthy And Endodontically Treated Central Incisors
0952 Characterization Of Viscoplastic Materials With Rotating Vane And Bob Rheometry
0955 Control Of A Brushless DC Motor Without Sensors Of Position To Be Applied In Artificial Circulation
0958 Finite Element Supg Parameters Computed From Element Edge Matrices Forcompressible Flows
0964 Stabilized FEM Methods For Generalized Newtonian Flows
0965 Heat Transfer With Ablation In Bodies Subjected To High Heat Fluxes
0966 Cad/Capp/Cam Integration Methodology For The Remote Manufacture Of Cylindrical Parts Through The Web
0967 Fault Tree Analysis For Risk Assessment In The Borexino Experiment
0969 Crush Behavior Of Flexible Risers: Prediction By An Analytical And Experimental Approach
0972 Characterization Of Al/Polymer Composite Coating For Mechanical And Adhesion Properties On Steel
0975 Implementation Of Heat Transfer Monitoring Systems In Solid Fuel Fired Boilers
0981 Dynamic Behavior Of Rigid Riser Of Production
0988 Inexact-Restoration Algorithms For Bilevel Programming Problems
0989 3-D Study Of The Flame Stabilization On A Two-Layer Porous Burner
0990 Active Damper System Design And Control - Part B
0991 Experimental Analysis Of Physical Parameters Of Droplets Formation Over Jet-Plate Sistens
0992 A Study About The Deployment Of Solar Arrays On Satellites Using DC Motors
0994 Active Damper System Design And Control - Part A
0996 The Effect Of An Extensional Stress On The Fluctuations Of Unstable Flows
0999 Facility For The Study Of Environmentally Assisted Cracking
1003 Auto-Tuning Of Pid Controllers Based On The Relay Feedback Test For Multi-Mode Low Damping Systems Top
1004 Analysis Of A Continuum Damage Model Of Brittle Materials
1006 Tetra-Combined Trigeneration System. Thermoeconomic Analysis
1007 Avoidance Of Multiple Dynamic Obstacles
1008 Robopet: A Semi-Autonomous Robot For Hazardous Inspections
1010 Point Collocation Method In Plasticity: Axisymmetric Case
1012 Displacement Of Viscoelastic Liquids In Capillary Tubes With Oldroyd-B Model
1014 An Adaptive Current Source Using A Negative Impedance Converter (NIC) For Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT)
1019 Fuzzy Logic Applications In Control Of Robotic Manipulators
1020 Control And Optimization Of The Electromagnetic Suspension Operation Of A MAGLEV Vehicle
1023 Compromise Optimization And Meta-Modeling For A Flexible 7 Dof Mechanical System Using The Response Surface Method
1025 Mechanized Knee Flexion In Lower Limb Orthoses: A Prototype And Real Tests
1026 Acoustic Prediction In Offshore Platforms
1028 Transient Inverse Design Of Radiative Enclosures
1031 Teaching For Understanding: Follow-Up Of An Own Monographic Work
1032 3D Jet Simulation Using Four Turbulent Model
1033 Statistical Analysis Of The Influence Of The Injection Molding Temperature On The Tensile Properties Of Polypropylene
1038 Thermal Effects Of The Incidence Of Microwave Radiation On Epoxi And Ferrite Coated Metallic Surfaces
1039 Robust Regulation of Metro Lines Using Time-Variant Control Law
1040 Development And Characterization Of A Unimorph-Type Piezoelectric Actuator Applied To A Michelson Interferometer
1045 Simulation Applied To Ride Comfort Suspension Optimization
1052 Effect Of Load And Indenter Diameter On The Morphology Of Film Cracks Developed During The Indentation Of Coated Systems
1053 Application Of Wavelet Transform To Mechanical Faults Diagnostic
1058 A Mixed Convection Study In A Horizontal Channel
1059 Investigation Of The Dynamic Behavior Of A Double-Paddle Scanner
1064 An Assessment Of The Machinability On Turning Of A Din 9smn28
1067 Nonlinear Interactions Between A Free Surface Flow With Surface Tension And A Submerged Cylinder
1068 Nonlinear Interactions Between Water Waves And Currents
1072 Telerobotic Trolley Design For TV Transmission
1075 Modal Analysis Of Synthetic Graphite Beams
1076 Selection Of Parameters For History Matching Of Petroleum Fields Using Streamline Simulation
1077 Analysis Of Alternative Energy Sources Toward Their Implantation At The University Of São Paulo
1078 Forming Limits Criterions Used To Tubular Hydroforming Process - Simulation And Experiments
1083 HP Hierarchical Adaptive Formulation For The Boundary Integral Method Applied To A Stokes Flow: A Proposal
1085 Whirling Frequency Calculation Using Finite Elements Method
1088 A Note On Ericksen´S Problem In The Case Of Two Distinct Constant Stretches
1090 A Chebyshev Collocation Spectral Method For Numerical Simulation For Incompressible Flow Problemas
1095 Elastic Behavior Of Aluminum Tubes Repaired With A Carbon/Epoxy Hoop Strip
1096 A Fourier-Chebyshev Collocation Spectral Method For Simulation Of Flow Around A Circular Cylinder
1100 Oil Contamination And Additive Effects On The Wear And Friction Of Metallic Specimens In Reciprocating Lubricated Sliding Tests Top
1101 Journal Bearings Applied In The Camshaft Support Elements For High Performance Engines
1103 An Axial Electromagnetic Bearing Fuzzy Controlled
1106 Design Of Piezoelectric Actuators Using The Topology Optimization Based On Density Method
1109 Topology Optimization Of Mass Under Multiple Load Conditions And Material Failure Constraints
1111 Tribological Characteristcs Of Synthetic Hydrogels For Biomedical Applications
1112 Feedforward Neural Networks Combined With A Numerical Integrator Structure For Dynamic Systems Modeling
1114 Fluid Flow Around A Bluff-Body Inside A Lpp Combustion Chamber - Isothermal Flow
1117 Fatigue Crack Propagation And Closure Behavior Of A Dual-Phase Steel
1121 A New Numerical Methodology For Computational Fluid Dynamics Framed Within The Bond Graph Theory
1123 Vibration Control Of A Smart Helicopter Blade
1129 An Statistical Approach To The Prediction Of Gaseous Pollutant Dispersion In The Atmosphere Using Cfd
1131 Numerical Solution Of The Motion Equation Of Rigid Rotors Supported By Squeeze Film Damper Bearings
1134 Transverse Vibration Analysis Of Rotating Shafts
1140 Manufacturing Redesign In The Textile Industry
1142 Internal Logistics Optimization In Automotive Modular Manufacturing Systems
1144 Innovative Automated Adhesive Bonding Process In The Wood Industry
1145 Analysis Of The Cutting Fluid Influence On A Deep Grinding Process With Cbn Wheel
1154 Estimation Of Optical Thickness, Single Scattering Albedo And Diffuse Reflectivities With A Minimization Algorithm Based On A Interior Points Method
1157 Hydrodynamic Simulator For Studies "In Vitro" Of The Peripherical Cardiovascular System
1158 An Inverse Problem Of Parameter Estimation In Simultaneous Heat And Mass Transfer In A One-Dimensional Porous Medium
1167 Analysis Of The Criteria For Designing, Installating And Operating A Cogeneration System
1169 Performance Analysis Of A 5 Kw Pem Type Fuel Cell With A Natural Gas Reformer
1174 An Investigation Of Specific Energy On The Chip Formation Process Using An Instrumented Charpy Test Machine
1175 Indimada: Direct Inference Over A Mass Of Data, Tested In A Simulation As A Control Algorithm Of A Vehicle Transmission System
1176 Turbulent Natural Convection In A Rectangular Enclosure Using Large Eddy Simulation
1179 On The Heat Of Transformation In Shape Memory Alloys Under Load
1181 Reconfigurable Architecture Proposal Applied To Mobile Robots
1184 Detection Of Faults Using Artificial Neural Networks In Pipelines For Transport Of Petroleum And Gas
1191 Mathematical Modeling Of The Bi-Phase Reagent Flow In Nozzle Supersonic
1196 Study Of CBN Tools Performance Cutting Interrupted Hardened Steels
1197 Comparing The Conventional And Three Phases Plunge Grinding Cycles
1198 Application Of Feedforward And Recurrent Neural Networks For Flapping And Torsion Identification Of A Helicopter Blade
1199 Automatic Generation Of Productive System Control
1200 Pressure Drop Evaluation In Arterial Blood Filters Top
1203 Study Of The Steady Flow In An Arterial Blood Filter Using PIV
1204 Laser Doppler Anemometry Study Of The Flow In A Blood Filter
1205 Adaptive Fuzzy Control For Underwater Hydraulic Manipulators
1210 Numerical Analysis Of The Coupled Poroelasticity Using The Finite Element Method
1212 Semi-Empirical Modeling Of Radial Turbine Used In Turbocharger
1215 Development Of A Linear Heat Source Probe
1216 HY_NES - A Hybrid Neural/Expert System To Diagnose Problems In Induction Motors
1224 On The Application Of The Dang Van Criterion In Fretting Fatigue
1225 Simulation Of Wave Propagation In An Heterogeneous Elastic Rod
1227 Plasma Transferred Arc Iron Aluminide Development
1229 Error Separation Methods Applied To Form Measurement
1231 Fretting Fatigue: The Use Of Hcf Multiaxial Models
1233 Optimal Control Approach To The Vibrations Of A Flexible One-Link Manipulator Carrying Moving Sliders
1236 The Use Of Epoxy Resins As Inserts For Plastic Injection Mould
1241 Dressing Strategy For Vitrified Cbn Wheels Using Acoustic Monitoring
1242 Airfoil Optimizatiom Using Genetic Algorithms
1248 On The Relation Between Micro And Macroscopic Fatigue Crack Growth Rates In Al-Alloy Laminated Plates
1249 Development Of Software Dedicated To Reliability-Based Design Of Mechanical Parts Subject To Fatigue Failure
1252 Technical And Economic Study Of Micro-Cogeneration In Residential Scale: A Case Study
1253 Numerical Simulation Of Incompressible Magnetohydrodynamic Flows
1254 A Procedure For Integrating Automated Equipment In A Flexible Manufacturing System And Their Use For The Remote Manufacture Of Parts Through The Internet
1256 Failure Case Analysis - Effect Of Enforced Displacement In Shear Tie Components
1258 Comparison In The Wear And The Friction Of Metallic Specimens In Reciprocating And Rotating Lubricated Tests
1261 Analysis of Different Applications of Evaporative Cooling Systems
1266 Air Pollution And Environmental Cost Mapping
1268 Development And Validation Of An Apparatus For Calibration Of Sensors Used In The Determination Of The Air Relative Humidity
1272 Analysis Of Numerical Aspects On The Numerical Simulation Of Rankine Cycles
1276 Haptics Devices For Medical Robots: Model And Control
1277 Particle Velocity Fluctuation In A Sedimenting Aggregate Of Unequal Spheres
1283 Development Of Simulator Of Robotics Manipulators Using Java And VRML
1285 Spatial Hinf Control Of A Flexible Beam Containing Piezoelectric Sensors And Actuators
1286 Tuning Equations For Cascaded Control Systems Based On The First Order Plus Dead Time Approach
1293 Modal Control Applications In Intelligent Truss Structures
1294 Concept And Analysis Of A Passive Arm And ROV System
1296 Development Of A Dynamically Tuned Gyroscope
1298 A New Methodology To Apply Essential Boundary Conditions In Meshfree Methods
1307 Visualization Studies Of Viscoelastic Flow In A 4:1 Square/Square Contraction Top
1310 The Research Wind Tunnel Of The Aeronautical Institute Of Technology: Manufacturing Aspects And Design Details
1317 Comparison Between Experimental And Theoretical Predictions Of The Interface Force Due To Soft Missile Impact
1321 The Development Of A Visual Programming Environment For Mobile Robots
1322 An Evaluation Of Control Strategies: Disturbance Sensitivity Study With An Enhanced Underwater Vehicle Model
1324 Development Of An Experimental Apparatus For Thermal Characterization Of Ablative Materials
1326 A Method For Eigenvalue Maximization In Structural Optimization
1327 Optimal Buckling Load Of Composite Plates With Stiffeners Operating Within A Given Temperature Range
1339 Experimental Results For Hybrid Solar & Gas Water Heating Systems
1342 Synthesizing Sequences Of Hourly Ambient Temperature Data
1343 Parametric, Modal And External Excitation Identification Of Machine-Tool Xy Table Using Recursive Estimators
1345 Optimisation Of Temporary Steel Grandstands Based On Static And Dynamic Behaviour
1349 Frequency Response Function Of Stochastic Structures
1351 Evaluation Of A Experimental Modal Synthesis Method Using Mass-Normalized Modes
1355 Program For Determination Of The Movement Trajectory Of A Locomotor Robot Through The Voronoi Diagram
1357 Microstructural Stability And Wear Performance Of A Ni Based Alloy PTA Coating
1358 An Axiomatic Design Software Tool For Decision Making During The Product Conceptual Design Phase
1366 Simulation Of The Mass Transfer Process In Rotocell Vegetable Oil Extractors Using Neural Network
1367 Fatigue Cracks Propagation In Welded Joints Of The Steel Ca6nm Without Pos Welding Heat Treatment
1371 The Effect Of Wing Tip Blowing On The The Effect Of Wing Tip Blowing On The Vortex Drag
1372 Development Of Electronic Circuits To Teach Dynamic Systems And Process Control
1373 Solution Of The Transport Equation In Heterogeneous Participating Media Using The Discrete Ordinates Method - Direct And Inverse Problem
1375 Wind Tunnel Wall Boundary Layer Control For Attenuation Of The Interference On 2-D High Lift Wing Tests
1378 Evaluation Of The Robustness Of Hinf Controllers Applied To A Flexible Beam
1380 Small Wind Turbines Generators: Power Curve Performance
1381 Energy And Environmental Analysis Of A Municipal District Starting From Questionnaire (Survey) Electronically Tabulated By Commercial Software
1382 Numeric-Experimental Analysis Of The Temperature Distribution In A Tank Of Oil Without External Insulation
1385 Sizing Small Wind And Photovoltaic Systems:Eolusoft
1386 A Milling System With Robot Resouces
1388 Small Wind Turbines: Annual Energy Output
1389 Distributed Thermal Storage In A Plastic Apparatus
1394 Analysis Of The Fluid Flow In Two Intake Pipes With A Junction
1395 Assessment Of The Stress And Strain Levels At Geometrical Discontinuities Under Elastoplastic Conditions: A Case Study
1398 Nonlinear Time Domain Analysis Of Risers
1399 Study Of Ride And Handling Improvement Of Pickup Light Truck Vehicles Using Robust Semi-Active Control Based On Magnet-Rheological Dampers.
1404 Dynamic Analysis And Parameric Identification In The Use Of Techniques Of Control Adaptive In The Cantiliever Beam Top
1416 Use Boundary Element Method For Analysis 3d Of Elastic Problems
1425 Reversal Technique Applied To The Measurement Of Straightness Errors
1427 Exergetic Analysis In The Thermodynamic Design Optimization Of Steam Distribution Pipelines
1429 Analysis Of Performance Of A Hydropneumatic Suspension System
1432 FE-Model Updating Of Beam Structure Presenting Non Proportional Damping
1433 A New Approach For Tool Path Control In Robotic Deburring Operations
1438 Experimental Study On Thermal And Hydraulic Behavior Of Micro-Fin Tubes In Single Phase
1441 Mixed Formulation For Viscoplasticity
1447 Modeling Of Dyeing Process In Packed Threads
1448 A Proposal Of A Systematic Model For The Phases Of Preliminary And Detailed Design
1460 Forced Convection In Driven-Lid Square Cavities With Irregular Walls
1466 Optimum Spacing In An Array Of Vertical Plates With Two-Dimensional Protruding Sources Cooled By Natural Convection
1467 Relationships Among Manufacturing Flexibility Dimensions And Its Implications To Small Companies
1468 An Off-Line Robot Programming System Including Workcell And Robot Calibration
1477 Validation Of CFD Codes For Aerodynamic Analysis Of Launch Vehicles And Sounding Rockets
1483 Positional Control Of A System With Multiple Flexible Appendages Using Lqr Design
1486 Power Controlling Of A Spark Ignition Engine Through The Variation Of The Intake Valve Opening Angle
1489 Evaluation Of The Flow Within The Combustion Chamber Of SI-Engines
1497 Aquesolgas
1499 Box Plot Control Chart For Interactivity Of Information In Statistical Process Control
1500 Numerical Simulation Of A HIV Model Top
1502 Development Of Mini-Wrists For Surgical Robotics
1504 Turbulent Dispersion In A Porous Media Modeled As An Infinite Array Of Longitudinally-Displaced Elliptic Rods
1505 Interpolated Data In Conductivity Domain Reconstruction: Comparison Between Fourier And Cubic Spline Techniques
1507 Numerical Simulation Of Tracer Displacement In Oil Reservoirs
1508 Turbulent Natural Convection In A Square Cavity With A Porous Obstruction
1509 Computation Of Turbulent Natural Convection In A Composite Cavity
1510 Analysis Of Turbulent Mass Transport In Saturated Porous Media
1511 Convergence Characteristics Of Multigrid Solutions Of Non-Isothermal Laminar Flows In Porous Media
1513 Multigrid Solution Of Laminar Natural Convection Flow In An Enclosure Filled With Porous Material
1515 Pressure Drop In Turbulent Channel Flow With Porous Fins
1518 Computational Modeling For The Coupling Rod-Anode In Aluminum Industry
1519 A Macroscopic Turbulence Model For Non-Equilibrium Convective Heat Transfer In Porous Media
1523 Thermoeconomic Analysis Of A Small Scale Cogeneration System Using A Microturbine And An Absorption Chiller
1527 Comparative Blood Flow Study Of Arteriovenous Grafts With Homologous And Autologous Vein In Canine Femoral Arteries – Initial Experience
1528 Laminar Flow Around A Sinusoidal Interface Between A Porous Medium And A Clear Fluid
1529 Laminar Flow Over A Porous Bed Modeled As An Array Of Cylindrical Rods
1530 Evaluating The Contribution Of Porous Media To The Augmentation Of The Water Evaporation Rate.
1533 The Importance Of The Ethics In The Engineers?Education
1534 Interaction Crack / Dislocation: Stress And Displacement Fields Calculation Using The Goursat’s Complex Potentials Method
1535 Turbulent Heat Transfer In A Back-Step Flow Past A Porous Obstruction Using A Non-Linear Model And A Low Reynolds Number Formulation
1538 Comparing Thermogravimetric Results With A Rotary Kiln Experimental Data Of Sugarcane Bagasse Pyrolysis
1539 A Kinematic Model Applied To Flame Propagation In Closed Tube
1540 Use Of Eddy Current Testing For Crack Characterization In Structures
1541 Dynamic Model Of The Normal Human Locomotion
1542 Reservoir Numerical Simulation With Local Refinement
1544 Engineering And Society: What Is Wanted From A Professional In The XXI Century ?
1546 An Algorithm For Instrument Fault Detection In Inertial Sensors Of A Satellite Launcher Vehicle Control System
1547 Time Parameters Differences Between Normal And Total Hip Arthroplasty Gait
1550 An Approach Stochastic For Store Separation
1558 Dynamic Pattern Of Total Hip Arthroplasty Gait In The Sagittal, Coronal And Transverse Planes
1563 Analysis Of Drop Formation Over A Spray Nozzle-Plate System
1564 Test Of Turbulence Models For Wind Flow On The Downwind Slope Of A 2d Ridge Model In Neutral Atmosphere
1566 Microgrippers Driven By Electrostatic Comb Drive Actuators
1568 A Review On Turbulence Models And Numerical Parameters Applied To Impinging Jets
1569 Experimental Study Of The Stability Of The Boundary Layer Over A Rotating Disk, With Viscosity Variations In The Boundary Layer
1570 Sustainability Assessment Of Energy Hybrid System Implemented In An Isolated Community
1573 Predictive Maintenance Of Turbomachinery By Intelligent Online Condition Monitoring
1574 Underactuated Control Of A Mobile Manipulator
1577 Numerical Study On The Transient Ignition Of Single Coal Particle With The Cmvc-Cpdnlg Model
1579 Turbulent Heat Transport Across An Enclosure Containing A Porous Layers Of Variable Thickness
1580 A Simulation Method For Thermosyphon Solar Water Heater
1581 Modeling Gas Turbine Combustion Chamber With The Cfx-5 And Chemkin 3.7 Packages
1586 Machinability Of A Martensite Stainless Steel In End Milling Operation Using Surface Response Methodology
1588 Design Of A Hopkinson Bar For Dynamic Material Characterisation
1589 Proposal Of A Model Of Ergonomic Risk Analysis Tool On Visual Inspection Work Stations In The Automotive Industry
1593 Impact On Aircraft Structures
1603 Interfaces In Porous Medium Captured By Level Set Methods Top
1606 An Object Recognizing System For Industrial Applications
1607 Transonic Aerodynamic Influence Coefficients For Approximate Aeroelastic Stability Analysis
1608 A Formal Statistical Treatment Of A Turbulent Flow
1612 A Study On The Fretting Fatigue Behavior Of Titanium
1619 A Navigation And Path Planning System For The Nomad XR4000 Mobile Robot With
1620 Experiments And Numerical Simulations For Laminar,Transitional And Turbulent Flow Over A Backward Facing Step
1627 Development Of A Reference Model For Integrating Product Development Process-Related Knowledge
1628 A Boundary Element Study On 3D Soil Vibration Isolation Using Trenches And Barriers
1630 Thermal Properties Determination Of Esthetic Restorative Materials
1635 The Influence Of A Crack Neighborhood On The Elastic Energy Of A Loop Dislocation
1642 Hidrokinetic Propeller Type Turbine For The Electrification Of Remote Or Isolated Households Or Community Or Social End-Users
1644 Integration In The Supply Chain Through The Application Of An External Kanban System
1648 Comparison Between Some Dynamic And Static Models Describing The Plastic Zone
1650 Application Of The Composite Element Method To The Free Vibration Plate Problem
1651 Transient Response Of 2D Rigid Foundations Resting On The Surface Of A Transverse Isotropic Viscoelastic Layer.
1663 Effect Of Crude Oil Polar Components On The Wettability Of Pipeline Surfaces
1664 Hybrid Methods For The Simulation Of Pollutant Transport In Estuaries
1668 Damage Identification In Shell Structures Using Natural Frequencies
1669 Cutting Tools Selection Through CAD Resources
1672 Proportional Navigation Plus Pursuit Intercept Law Applying Target Maneuver Measuring
1676 Effects Of The Pivot Position And Lubricant Flow Rate On The Behavior Of Sector Shaped Tilting Pads Hydrodynamic Thrust Bearings
1684 Development Of An Automated System To Evaluate The Acoustoelastic Coefficients Of Metalic Materials
1689 Fracture Toughness Of HAZ In High Temperature Steel For Petrochemical Industry
1697 Properties Of Aa6061 Aluminium Alloy Reinforced With Different Intermatallics And Ceramics Particles
1702 Instrumented Charpy Test- Evaluation Of The Force Signals Captured In The Measure Dynamic Fracture Toughness Of Metallic Materials Top
1703 Exergoeconomic Analysis In A Chemical Recuperated Gas Turbine Cycle
1705 Pressure Drop For Flow Of Power Law Fluids Inside Elliptical Ducts
1708 Cyclic Errors In The Coordinate Measuring Machines
1712 Single Axis Controlled Attraction Type Magnetic Linear Bearing
1718 Variable Structure Model Reference Adaptive Control Of A Quarter Car Model Subjected To Random Excitation
1722 3d Simulation Of Gas Flow In A Cyclone Using Fluent, A Cfd Computational Code
1724 Numerical Modelling Of A Fcc Regenerator
1732 A Methodology For Applying The Choy-Williams Transform To Quality Control In Automotive Gearbox Production
1736 A Computational Framework For Speeding-Up The Development Of Research And Educational CFD Codes.
1745 Evaluation Of The Machinability Of Stainless Steel ABNT 304 And Stainless Steel Villares 304 UF With Hss Tin Coated Twisted Drills.
1750 Quantitative Velocity Measurements In Turbulent Taylor-Couette Flow By Phantom M Flow Thagging
1751 Implementing A Maintenance Plan For Stereolithography Rapid Prototyping Process.
1762 Numerical Simulation Of The Compressible And Turbulent Mixing Layer Developping Temporarily And Spatially Using The Spectral Element Tecnique
1769 On The Effectiveness Of Collars As Buckle Arrestors For Offshore Pipelines
1770 Measurement And Prediction Of Mobility Transfer Function Of An Elastic Plate Covered With A Foam Layer.
1773 Methodology To Evaluate The Quality Control In The Assembly Line Compressors
1774 Finish Machining Of Titanium Alloy (6 4)
1775 A Finite Difference Technique For Solving Two-Dimensional Viscoelastic Free Surface Flows
1779 Natural Convection In Multilayered Porous Media
1780 Tool Automatic Selection: A Proposition
1786 Numerical Investigation On The Flow And Pollutant Dispersion Over 3d Topography
1790 Design Of Aerodynamic Shapes By Means Of Inverse Method
1793 An Hybrid Technique For Airfoil Inverse Design Of Axial Flow Turbomachine Cascades Using Conformal Mapping And The Panel Method
1794 Evaluation Of A Flap Type Wave Generator
1795 Friction Stir Welding - Overview And Perspectives
1799 Order Tracking Methods Analysis
1800 Application Of The Finite Element Method To Model The Problem Of Electromechanical Coupling In Microsystems Top
1801 Informational And Conceptual Design Of A Solid Fertilizer Application System For Precision Agriculture
1806 Study Of Turbulent Flow In Toroidal Regenerative Turbomachines Using The Finite Volume Method And The SOLA Algorithm.
1809 Conceptual And Mechanical Design Of An Anthropometric-Scaled Biped Robot For Reproducing Normal And Pathological Human Gait
1810 Evaluation Of Collection Efficiency Methods For Icing Analisys
1816 Manufacturing And Post-Processing Parameters Effect In The Cure Shrinkage Of Stereolithography Parts Built With The Resin Dsm Somos 7110
1817 Electromagnetic Properties Of Ceramic Materials
1818 Design Of Layered Piezoelectric Plate And Shell Structures For Minimum Compliance By Using Topology Optimization
1819 Distributed Object Technologies In Manufacturing Execution Systems
1820 Theoretical And Experimental Evaluation Of Parameters For The Pi Control Of A Refrigeration System
1822 Experimental Evaluation Of Riser Dynamics And Comparison With Numerical Results
1824 Underfloor Air Conditioning System – Operational Conditions For Comfort In Office Environments
1825 Viewpoint Requirements Validation Based On Petri Nets
1833 A Didactic Test Rig To Analyse The Shell And Tube Heat Exchange And Stability Of Control System.
1835 Strategies For Optimised Management Of Electric Energy Obtained Via Photovoltaic Conversion - Case Study: Solar Racing Vehicle For Very Long Distances
1837 Towards A Unified View Of Petri Nets And Object Oriented Modeling
1848 Experiments On Perforated Blades As A Means Of Increasing Fan Stability
1851 A 1 ? Finite Element Layer Model For Baroclinic Ocean Circulation
1854 Modeling Aspects Of Active Constraining Layers As Applied To Rectangular Plates
1859 Effects Of Non-Orthogonal Boundary Fitted Grids In The Solution Of Two-Phase Flow In Petroleum Reservoir Simulation
1865 Cappilary Tube Simulation With Refrigerant Mixtures Flow Using Separated Flow Model
1869 The Development Of A Platform To Simulate Productive Systems In A Distributed Environment
1871 Inverse Analysis In Mass Diffusion With Electrical Conductivity Measurements
1875 3D Cyclic Symmetry In The Analysis Of A Coupled Structural-Acoustic System
1877 Experimental Study Of So2 Absorption In A Cyclone Scrubber
1880 Natural Gas And Sugar Cane Bagasse Based Cogeneration Systems
1885 Robot For Inspection Of Power Transmittion Lines
1888 The Influence Of The Re-Meshing In The Shape Optimization Algorithm
1889 Active Control For Enhancing Fatigue Life Of Tlp Platforms And Tethers
1892 Dynamic Plastic Buckling Of Open Shells
1895 Stress Distribution In Coated Substrate
1899 Semi-Empirical Model of the Efficiency Curve of a Francis Turbine
1900 Exergy Analysis Of Environmental Impact Mitigation Processes Top
1905 Abatement Of Nox From Oil Combustion - Reburning And Low Nox Burner
1906 Object Oriented Programming And CAD Technology Applied To A Finite Element Technique For The Limit Analysis Of Axisymmetrical Shells
1909 Experimental Results For Natural Convection Heat Transfer In A Cavity With Flush Mounted Heat Sources
1914 Mathematical Modeling And Development Of A Simulation Program Within A Steam Compression Refrigeration System
1915 High Pressure Hydrostatic Thrust Bearings In Mixed Lubrication -- Effects Of Elastic Deformation On Optimum Conditions
1916 Numerical Study Of Turbulent Boundary Layer Flows Over Rough Surfaces – Part Ii: Temperature Profiles
1922 Study Of Embrittlement Of A Duplex Stainless Steel By Non Destructive Test
1926 Study Of The Drilling Process With Hss Twist Drills
1933 Development Of Industrial Sheet Metal Forming Process Using Computer Simulation As Integrated Tool In The Car Body Development
1943 Experimental Investigation Of Efficacy Fuel Oil Additives On Reducing The Emission Of Atmospheric Pollutants From Ultra-Viscous Oils Burning
1946 Development Of A Neutron Radiography System Using 241Am-Be Neutron Source For Industrial Applications
1949 Parallel Cfd Application: Natural Convection In A Square Close Cavity
1950 Analysis Of Operation Cycle Of A Cfr Cetane Engine
1951 An Approach For Monitoring The Thermal Performance Of Heat Exchanger Networks
1952 Modelling The Riser Of A Fluid Catalitic Cracking Unit
1956 In Vitro Corrosion Resistance Of A Superferritic Stainless Steel In Hank's Solution
1957 Thermal Characterization And Evaluation Of Carbon/Epoxy Prepreg Used In Aerospace Field
1958 Fatigue Damage Accumulation In Aluminum 7050-T7451 Alloy Subjected To Block Program Loading: A Study Compared With The Linear Damage Rule
1959 The Corrosion Resistance And Cytotoxicity Of A Commercial Nd-Fe-B Magnet In Simulated Physiological Solution
1961 Simple Mathematical Models For The Simulation Of The Human Respiratory System
1963 A Model For The Growth Of Tumors: Stationary Solutions
1969 Towards A Modeling Discipline For Building And Residence Automation
1974 Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis Of The IEA-R1 Research Reactor – A Comparison Between Ideal And Actual Conditions
1976 Modeling Autonomous Mobile Robot System With An Object Oriented Approach
1977 Large Eddy Simulation To Assess The Effectiveness Of Natural Convection Ventilated Smoke Ducts To Protect Emergency Staircase
1987 Geometrical Aspects On Bi-Material Microtensile Tests
1988 Material Design As An Important Element Of Advanced Products Engineering Design And Manufacturing
1989 Structure And Properties Of Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetic Composite Materials With Polymer Matrix
1990 Effects Of Alloying Elements Concentration And Cooling Rate On Continuous Cooling Transformations Predicted By Neural Network
1996 Simultaneous Localization And Map Building By A Mobile Robot Using Sonar Sensors
2000 Analysis Of Alternatives For Gas Turbines Inlet Air Cooling Top
2004 A Note On Flow Classification
2005 Energetic Efficiency Maximation Of A Steam System Fueled By Sugar Cane Bagasse