Session Invited Lecturer Lecture IL# ID#
Opening Francisco Romeo Landi Engenharia e Sociedade /
Engineering and Society
Opening J. Braile Salies Desafio da PETROBRAS para Exploração de Petroleo em Águas Ultra-profundas/
PETROBRAS Challenges in the Exploration of Oil in Ultra-Deep Waters
Opening Luiz Bevilacqua Engineering and Society OL03  
AE06 Luiz Bevilacqua The Brazilian Space Program IL29  
AE14-15 Juan J. Alonso High-Fidelity Aero-Structural Design of Supersonic Configurations IL24  
AE30 Ozires Silva The Aeronautical Fund as a Driver of Aerospace R&D/ O Fundo Setorial Aeronáutico como Indutor de P&D Aeroespaciais    
AU02 Peter Hagedorn Modeling Disk Brakes with Respect to Squeal IL01  
BI01 Tim V. How Haemodynamics of Peripheral Arterial Bypass Grafts IL27  
BI03 Kenneth R. Diller A View of Bioheat Transfer Through the Microscope IL25  
BI05 Alan Slade Designing new Medical Equipment IL26  
DPM02 João Fernando G. de Oliveira The Institute Factory of Millenium IL03  
DPM04 Günter Höhne Computer Support in the Conceptual Phase of the Design Process IL02  
DPM06 Elso Kujanic Machining - the Present and the Future IL30  
EN21 Silvia Nebra de Perez Exergoeconomics Applied to Sugar-Alcohol Industry IL21  
ES01 Milton Vargas Engenharia e Sociedade /
Engineering and Society
ES01 Amaury Dall' Acqua      
ES01 Gehard Schweitzer Robotics - Chances and Challenges of a Key Science IL07  
ES02 Alcimar de Souza Lima Das Múltiplas Faces da Criatividade /
On the Multiple Faces of Criativity
ES02 Ivo Assad Ibri Linguagem e Realidade: Uma AbordagemFilosófica da Engenharia / Language and Reality: a Philosophical Approach of Engineering. IL34  
ES07 Lezek Dobrzanski Material Design as an Important Element of Advanced Products Engineering Design and Manufacturing IL28 1988
ES08 Oswaldo Giacóia Jr Ética e Sociedade / Ethics and Society IL16  
ES08 Agamenon R. E. Oliveira A Short Hystory of Applied Mechanics: From Lazare Carnot To Poncelet IL04  
ES08 Agamenon R. E. Oliveira The Contribution of Leibniz to The Engineering Sciences IL05  
ES08 Carlos H. Barbosa Gonçalves Why Read the Classics: On Reading the Ancient Greek Mathematicians IL20  
ES09 Dilvo J. Ristoff Avaliação da Graduação em Engenharia    
ES10 Alvaro T. Prata Avaliação da Pós-Graduação em Engenharia    
FMS05 Alberto Corigliano Reliability of Polysilicon Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (Mems) IL14  
FMS08 José Herskovits Mathematical Programming Models and Algorithms for Multidisciplinary Design Optimization IL18  
FMS17 Alan P. Leme Arthou The Nuclear Program of the Brazilian Navy: Developments and Technological Innovation IL15  
FMS20 Sergio Persival B. Proença Continuum Damage Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications IL19  
MAC06 Alexander H. Slocum Mechanics of Designing Precision Machines IL11  
MAC11 Alexandre Q. Bracarense Recent Advances in obotic Welding in Brazil IL08  
MAC12 Werner Schwarz Practical Applications of Nanotechnology in the Brazilian Market IL12  
MAC12 Thomas Timm Technology Transfer Between Brazil and Germany IL13  
MAC14 Dimitris C. Lagoudas Modelling of SMA Actuators in Smart Structures IL10  
MAC18 Cláudio S. Camerini The Development of Instrumented Pigs in Brazil IL09  
MI04 Bilal Ayyub Risk-Based Inspection Plaqnning of Mechanical Equipments IL32  
MI06 Tetsuichi Motegi Semisolid Continuous Casting and Thixoforming of Wrought Aluminum Alloys IL06 0254
MI08 Wilson Guesser Compacted Graphite Iron for Engine Cylinder Blocks IL31  
OP02 Álvaro Maia Da Costa New Generation of Platform Hull Form to Operate in Brazilian Waters IL36  
OP03 Osvair Trevisan On the Oil and Gas Prospective IL40  
OP04 Ótavio Sertã Key Topics on Riser Systems of Deepwater Developments IL23  
OP06 Ali Ghalambour The Sophistication And Technological Challenges Of The Petroleum Industry IL37  
OP08 John R. Chaplin Laboratory studies of VIV of Deep Water Risers IL22  
OP10 Farid Salomão Shecaira Pravap - the Advanced Petroleum Recovery Program IL38  
OP12 Hisaaki Maeda Floating Structures for Stable Energy Supply IL33  
OP14 Marcos Isaac Assayag Basic Engineering of PETROBRAS IL39