S1  Energetic System Analysis
S2  Bioengineering and Life Quality
S3  Materials Science
S4  Petroleum Science And Engineering
S5   Active Control of Vibrations and Smart Structures
S6  Product Development
S7  Electronic Packaging
S8  Aerospace Engineering
S9  Nonlinear and Chaotic Phenomena in Engineering
S10 Fluid Dynamics of Multiphase Flow
S11 Management of Technology and Partnerships (include in S6)
S12  Structural Impact
S13  Structural Integrity
S14  Vibration Measurement by Optical Techniques (include in S21)
S15  Hybrid Methods in Mechanical Engineering
S16   Mechanical Engineering Education
S17  The Boundary Element Method in Engineering
S18  Mechanical-Metallurgical Processes
S19  Machining of Materials
S20  Vibroacoustics
S21  Vibration and Modal Analysis
S22  Mechatronics
S23  Mechanical System Design
S24  Solid Mechanics
S25  Numerical Methods

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