SR1 Modal Analysis and Model Updating (merged with S21)
SR2 Automation and Robotics (merged with S22)
SR3 Kinematics and Dynamics (merged with S23)
SR4 Combustion
SR5 Thermal Comfort
SR6 Fault Detection and Predictive Maintenance (merged with S21)
SR7 Wind, Solar, and Nuclear Energy
SR8 Flow in Porous Media 
SR9 Structures (merged with S24)
SR10 Instrumentation and Control (merged with S25)
SR11 Thermal Machines, Thermodynamic Cycles, and Propulsion
SR12 Continuum Mechanics (merged with S24)
SR13 Fluid Mechanics 
SR14 Solid Mechanics (merged with S24)
SR15 Mechatronics (merged with S22)
SR16 Stochastic Methods (canceled)
SR17 Experimental Methods in Solid Mechanics (merged with S24)
SR18 Experimental Methods in Thermo-fluid-dynamics
SR19 Applied Numerical Methods  (merged with S25)
SR20 Metrology
SR21 Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic 
SR22 Process Optimization 
SR23 System Optimization (merged with SR22)
SR24 Mechanical System Design (merged with S23)
SR25 Wave Propagation (merged with S24)
SR26 Rheology
SR27 Mass and Heat Transfer
SR28 Tribology
SR29 Vibrations (merged with S21)
SR30 Topics in Enginnering

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