S5 Active Control of Vibrations and Smart Structures

The Symposium on Active Control of Vibrations and Smart Structures is intended as a forum for the dissemination of the research and emerging technology developments associated with smart materials and structures applications in the fields of active vibration and noise control, control of robotic systems with flexible joints and links, control of civil structures, control of space structures with flexible appendages, and sensors and actuators for smart structures (piezoelectric, memory shape alloys, electrorheological and magnetorheological fluids, etc.). The topics of interest include, among others, dynamic modeling, experimental identification, dynamic model reduction, advanced control strategies such as robust and neural control, characterization of sensors and actuators, and optical fiber sensors. 

Scientific Committee:
Luiz Carlos Sandoval Góes (ITA/CTA)
Sérgio Frascino Müller de Almeida (ITA/CTA)
Agenor de Toledo Fleury (IPT)
Rubens Sampaio (PUC-RJ)
Arthur Braga (PUC-RJ)

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