S3 Materials Science

The Symposium on Materials Science provides a forum, for the first time as an exclusive event within the COBEM, for both researchers and practitioners around the  world to present papers on recent developments in the fields of science and engineering of materials. The organising committee of the event invites papers from researchers and practitioners from academia as well as industry. The scope of the Symposium is broad within the materials science and engineering domain, concerning basic science, new developments, as well as future trends in metallic alloys, polymers, ceramics and composites. 

Scientific Committee:
Maria Helena Robert (FEM, UNICAMP)
Rezende Gomes dos Santos (FEM, UNICAMP)
Cecília A. de Carvalho Zavaglia (UNICAMP/DEMA)
Leszek Dobrzanski (Silesian Technical University, Polônia)
Sérgio Tonini Button (FEM, UNICAMP)
José Manuel Torralba (Universidade Carlos III, Madrid)

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