S13 Structural Integrity

One of the most important issues in the design and the lifetime of an equipment, vehicle or structure, such as a pressure vessel, a high-energy piping, an automobile and an aircraft,  is the assessment of the structural integrity. This is achieved through the analysis and understanding of events that allow the evaluation of the current and future conditions of the structures - checking for issues such as crack initiation and growth, fatigue and environment assisted failures and for unexpected changes in materials properties - and the possibility of life extension. The ymposium on Structural Integrity intends to create the opportunity for the discussion and dissemination for the new research and technological development related to this area of knowledge. 

Scientific Committee:
Túlio Ricardo Barreto Cruz (IPEN / CNEN – SP) – Presidente
Miguel Mattar Neto (IPEN / CNEN –SP) – Vice-Presidente
Itamar Ferreira (DEMA / FEM / UNICAMP)
Arnaldo H. Paes de Andrade (IPEN / CNEN – SP) – Membro
Carlos Tasso E. DeAquino (DEMA/FEM/UNICAMP) 
José Eduardo Maneschy (EletroNuclear)
Cláudio Ruggieri (POLI – Naval)
John D. Landes (University of Tennessee – Knoxville)

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