S7 Electronic Packaging

The purpose of this Symposium is to congregate papers in the multidisciplinary field of mechanical engineering associated to Electronic Packaging. It has applications in the electric-electronics industries in the design, manufacturing and assembly of components, equipment and systems. 

The topics were selected similarly to some specific International
Conferences with this theme that occur abroad. They reflect the wide range of the themes and the importance of Mechanical Engineering in these activities known as Electronic Packaging.

Scientific Committee:
Carlos Alberto Carrasco Altemani (FEM, UNICAMP)
Marcelo Moreira Ganzarolli (FEM - UNICAMP)
Jose Antonio Velasquez Alegre (CEFET - PR)
Ricardo Alan Verdu Ramos (UNESP - FEIS - DEM)
Carlos Kenichi Suzuki  (UNICAMP - FEM)
Luis Fernando Azevedo (PUC - Rio - DEM)
Márcio Tarozzo Biasoli (CTI - IM)
Jurandir Itizo Yanagihara (USP - POLI - DEM)
Marcus Bianchi  (UFRGS - DEM)
José Maria Galvez  (UFMG - DEMEC)
César J. Deschamps  (UFSC - DEM)

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