S16 Mechanical Engineering Education

Nowadays, it is indispensable to review methods, redirect programs and, most important, rethink the construction of knowledge. Therefore, specialists of all areas are extremely concerned with such issues. The teaching of Mechanical Engineering cannot be overlooked by the new social dynamics. 

The Teaching of Mechanical Engineering, will be analyzed and discussed: a) is engineering education is a subject of formation or information, b) the curricular issue, and c) the way the didactic-pedagogic issues influence learning. In the more important contemporary  issues, the relationships among Science, Technology and Society and the Teaching of Engineering will be also analyzed and discussed.

Scientific Committee:
Walter Bazzo (UFSC)
Danilo Amaral (UFMG)
Luiz Teixeira do Vale Pereira (UFSC)
Irlan Von Lisingin (UFSC)

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