Experimental Validation Work to Prove the Master Curve Concept
D.E. McCabe and M.A. Sokolov
Metals and Ceramics Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory - USA
Developing the Methodology for Characterizing Fracture Behavior in the 
Ductile-to-Brittle Transition for Steels
John D. Landes
Engineering Science Program
University of Tennessee, MAES Department - USA
Thermodynamics  Applied. Where? Why?
Gerard Hirs
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
University of Twente  - The Netherlands
Metodologias para a Análise de Sistemas Energéticos
J.A.P. Balestieri, Luiz A. Horta Nogueira, Silvia Azucena Nebra,
Silvio de Oliveira Júnior e Waldir L.R.Gallo
Engineering Materials' Development as the Determining Factor in 
Progress of Product Manufacturing
Leszek A. Dobrzanski
Institute of Engineering Materals and Biomaterials
Silesian University of Tecnology - Poland
Practical New Techniques for Solving Nonlinear System Problems 
Julius S. Bendat
J.S. Bendat Company - USA
Structural Health Monitoring for Composite Structures
Daniel L. Balageas, Serge Bourasseau, Marc Dupont, Michel Lemistre,
Henri Kaczmarek, Daniel Osmont
Office National d' Etudes et de Recherches  Aérospatiales- France
Fast Hydraulic and Magnetic Actuators for Mechanical Engineering Aplications
Heinz Ulbrich
Institute of Mechanics - University of Essen - Germany
Process Monitoring and Control for Precision Manufacturing
David A. Dornfeld
Laboratory for Manufacturing Automation - University of California Berkeley - USA
Development of Nano-Meter Positioning in Japan
Akira Shimokhobe
Precision and Intelligence Laboratory - Tokio Institute of Technology - Japan

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