S19 Machining of Materials

The machining of materials field has been developed quickly in the last few years, with new tool materials and machine tools with new design conceptions creating the possibility of using much higher cutting speeds and, consequently, generating shorter cutting times. Besides, new techniques of cooling and lubrication, new methodologies of process optimization, etc., have been developed. 

The basis for these developments is the research works in this area, which have contributed a lot for the growing of these technologies. The main goal of this symposium is gathering Brazilian and foreigners researchers of this field  with industrial professionals, in order to spread and discuss the last developments of each  research group and make them available for the industrial sector. 

Scientific Committee:
Anselmo Eduardo Diniz (UNICAMP)
João Fernando Gomes de Oliveira (EESC/USP)
Nivaldo Lemos Coppini (UNIMEP)
Alisson Rocha Machado (UFU)
Walter Lindolfo Weingartner (UFSC)
Lourival Boehs (UFSC)
David Dornfeld (University of California at Berkeley)

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