S15  Hybrid Methods in Mechanical Engineering

The main purpose of the symposium is to offer a specialized forum for developments in novel hybrid methods and application of mixed computation in the solution of mechanical engineering problems. Within this context,  papers submitted to this meeting should fall into five main categories. The first will contain those contributions that describe new developments in hybrid
numerical-analytical methods that have a practical application. A second category will concentrate specifically on the use and extension of mixed symbolic-numerical computational tools and software, including graphics and animation, in mechanical engineering problems.

The third will contain  contributions relating to the establishment of benchmark results obtained through hybrid methods, for reference purposes. The fourth category will be  related to the co-validation of hybrid and numerical and/or experimental results. Finally, the fifth category includes papers that bring novel interpretations to the physical knowledge on a certain mechanical engineering discipline, allowed for by the use of hybrid methods and/or mixed computation algorithms. 

Scientific Committee:
Renato M. Cotta (COPPE/UFRJ)
Carlos Cabral dos Santos (LES/UFPB)

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