S6 Product Development

The Symposium on Product Development should provide opportunities for  specialists to exchange experiences on improvements achieved on the industrial sector as well as new developments resulting from partnership efforts between the  industrial sector and universities/R&D institutes. 

Attention should be focused on new processes and technologies used during product development aiming  improvements on quality, costs and time. In this symposium should be considered topics covering processes changing leading to lean manufacturing and integrated design (concurrent engineering, team work, definition and monitoring of market requirements, shop floor simulation, analysis of environmental impacts, human factors, etc.).

Also could be presented efforts on development/implementation of  new technologies that enhance new forms of work, like PDM, EDM, KAE, KAD,  KAM, DFX and virtual reality. Regarding technology management, the objective is  to cover topics ranging from technology forecast and identification of technology  needs, to measurement of the impacts of new technologies on production processes in terms of quality, costs and time. With respect to the theme cooperation between industries and universities/R&D institutes, in addition to examples of success, the symposium aims to create opportunities to present  specific procedures used to design, organize, implement and control partnership  activities, and criteria adopted to evaluate success. 

Scientific Committee:
Hugo Borelli Resende (EMBRAER) - Presidente
Paulo Tadeu de Mello Lourenção (EMBRAER) - Vice-Presidente
Luis Gonzaga Trabasso (ITA)

Henrique Rosenfeld (EESC, USP)
Guilherme Ary Plonski (POLI /USP)
Sérvio Leonidas de Araújo (FORD BRASIL)
Isak Kruglianskas (FEA, USP)
Miguel Foid Neto (UFSC)
Ronaldo Andrade (UFRJ)
Luciano José Pedrote dos Santos (EMBRAER)
Arnoldo de Souza Cabral (ITA)
Antônio Batocchio (FEM, UNICAMP)

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