About Porto Alegre

The Farroupilha (Redenção) Park
Porto Alegre, the 231 years old Capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, born on the margin of the Guaiba river, contrasts a modern architecture with monuments of the last century and the traditions of the Gauchos. The river, with its sunsets, is a source of pride and beauty of this dynamic city of one and a half million people. In Porto Alegre, so said Mario Quintana, the beloved Poet of the city, 'Mere are so many strange corners, so many hues of walls, so many beautiful girls on the streets where never walked by..."
"Laçador (Monument to the Gaúchos)"

This the romantic atmosphere has its origins in the foundation of Porto Alegre, named Porto dos Casais ( Harbour of The Married Couples ) after the arrival of 60 couples of immigrants from the Açores Islands back in the year 1752, although the first registers of the settlement that originated Porto Alegre are from the year 1732. The name Porto Alegre appeared for the first time in 1820 and in 1822 the village became a city. Currently, Porto Alegre became known as the site of the World Social Forum.

Arriving in Porto Alegre