ABCM - For a Better Societ

ABCM -For a better society

The Brazilian Association of IVIechanical Engineering and Sciences - ABCM is a nonprofrt civil organization aimed to congregate infliVitil/aIS and companies interested in technical developments within Mechanical Sciences


The purpose of ABCM is to unite individuals, scientific institutions, industries and companies interested in mechanical sciences in order to:

  • contribute to the development of Mechanical Engineering in Brazil;
  • promote research, as well as the exchange and the diffusion of knowledge within the field of rnechanical sciences;
  • foster knowledge exchange between scientific institutions and industry;
  • prole the exchange of knowledge with other technical and scientific institutes and associations in Brazil and abroad;
  • promote the diffusion of knowledge in mechanical sciences through technical-scientific congresses, symposia, conferences, courses and meetings;


ABCM has about nine hundred members, generally with background in mechanical, chemical, aerospace, civil and material engineering as well as applied mathematics. Although most of its members come from academia, the society is also committed to spin up technical interactions of University and Research Centers with the industrial sector, specially in activities related to technological challenges.

Since its foundation, in 1975, ABCM has been the most important promoter of Mechanical Sciences in Brazil. This action has been reached through the following activities: promotion and organization of technical and scientific meetings; publication in proceedings of all papers accepted for the organized meetings (more than 700 article papers per year, publication of technical recommendations; publication of an indexed journal, The Brazilian Journal of Mechanical Sciences - RBCM, since 1979 and quarterly edited.


RBCM - Brazilian Journal of Mechanical Sciences
ABCM main vehicle for scientific publications. Original works in the various areas of science and technology in Mechanical Engineering are accepted, including interfaces to other engineering areas such as Civil, Electric, Chemical, Naval, Nuclear, Aerospace, Petroleum, Materials etc, as well as applications of Physics and Mathematics to the Mechanics. The Journal is indexed, since 1996, by the Applied Mechanics Reviews and the Engineering Information, Inc.
Editor-in-chief: Prof. Atila P. Silva Freire, COPPE/UFRJ

Newsletter distributed to ARCM members aimed to inform the Society current activities, news of general interest and communications from the Board of Directors and Technical Committees. Editor: Prof. Jose Roberto de Franca Arruda, UNICAMP.

Thermal Engineerinq
Journal published half-yerly since 2001, in the areas of energy, equipments, oil and natural gas, organizad by the Interdisciplinary Program in Oil and Natural Gas Engineering, UFPR. Editor: Prof. Jose Viriato Coelho Vargas, UFPR


  • COBEM - ABCM International Conference of Mechanical Engineering
    Main scientific event in mechanical engineering in Latin America, covering all areas of knowledge related to the Mechanical Sciences. Participation averages to 750 people with about 850 published papers. It is held every two years since 1971.
  • SIBRAT - Brazilian Symposium on Pressure Vessels and Pining
    Event with important participation of professional engineers from oil, gas and chemical related industries. Average participation of 120 people with 70 published papers. It is held since 1986.
  • ENCIT - Brazilian Symposium on Pressure Vessels and Piping
    It is the only regular scientific event in Brazil dedicated to Thermal and Fluid Sciences. It is held every two years, since 1986. Participation averages to 350 people with 300 technical articles being published in proceedings.
  • DINAME - Symposium on thalamic Problems in Mechanics
    International event directed to professionals working in dynamics, contr., vibrations and acoustic systems. Participation averages 120 people with 100 published papers. It is organized every two years since 1986.
  • CONEM - National Congress of Mechanical Engineering
    It is held every two years in the North-Northeast region of Brazil. It has ARCM's sponsorship since 1992 and covers all areas related to Mechanical Sciences. Participation is about 350 people with 300 published papers in the proceedings.
  • ICONNE - International Conference on Nonlinear Dynamics Chaos and Controls
    Event dedicated to nonlinear dynamics and chaotic phenomena analysis. Organized since 1993 with average attendance of 100 people and about 90 published scientific papers in the proceedings.
  • CREEM - National Congress of Mechanical Enuineerinu Students
    It has ARCM's sponsorship since 1998. Students participation of about 400 people with 250 presented papers. II occurs in a yearly basis, since 1995.
  • ETT - Spring School of Transition and Turbulence
    Held for the first time in 1998, the School has the purpose of gather university professors, researchers and students for the presentation of their recent works, as well as lectures presented by experts from brazil and abroad abouttheoretical and applied aspects of turbulence and transition with both numerical and experimental points of view


ARCM has cooperation agreements, in various technical and scientific levels, with the most importantclocalband international societies in the Mechanical Sciences field. These agreements allow theirmenersintoprIm joint societies activities, such as participation in conferences, publications acquisition and participation activities at reduced costs. ARCM maintain cooperation agreements with the following sister societies.

  • ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers, since 1988
  • CSME - Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering, since 1991
  • AMCA - Association for Computational Mechanics, since 1993
  • ABHP - Brazilian Society of Hydraulics and Pneumatics, since 1997
  • GAMM - Gesellschaft. Angewandte Mathematik and Mechanik, since 1997
  • JSME - The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, since 1999
  • ImechE - The Institution for Mechanical Engineers, since 2000

ABCM is also the Brazilian representative Society in the following international technical/scientific associations:

  • ICOMES - International Congress of Mechanical Engineering Societies
  • AIHTC - Assembly for International Heat Transfer Conference
  • IÇAS - International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences
  • IFToMM - International Federation of Theory of Machines
  • IUTAM - International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics


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The history ofthe UFRGS begins with the foundation ofthe School of Pharmacy and Chemistry, back in 1SS5, and shortly after, the Engineering School and the College of Medicine. This is the beginning ofthe superior education in the State ofRio Grande do Sul. In 1900, the foundation ofthe College of Law, marks the beginning ofthe humanistic education in this State.

In 1934 the Uniyersity of Poito Alegre was founded, formed by the Engineering School, the institutes of Astronomy Electricity and Industrial Chemistry, the College of Medicine with the Odontology and Pharmacy Schools, the College of Law, with its Commerce School, the Agronomy and veterinary School, the College of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters anc the Arts Institute.

In 1947 the University of Porto Alegre was named Uniyersity of Rio Crande do Sul, URCS, and since 1950, belongs to the federal university system, with the name of Federal University ofRio Crande do Sul, UFRGS.

UFRGS has a prominent position among brazilian universities: considering the teaching staff, UFRGS is the first in number of publications and second in the scientific production among the federal universities, with one of the biggest budgets in the State.

Nowadays, UFRGS has 2120 professors, 1lJ2S with doctoral degree. It has 1S1SS undergraduate students, and 599? graduate students, 2S5? at masters and 2140 at doctor leyels.



Starting its activities in 1931, The Pontiflcal Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul - PUCRS - reached the status of University on November 9, 1948, and was granted the title of Pontifical in 1950. A young universit like all in the Brazilian University system PUCRS stands out as one of the largest and most distinguished institutions of higher education in the countnt Meeting its teaching, research and extension purposes, PUCRS develops its activities in Porto Alegre (Central Campus, North Zone Campus and Social Projecwila Fátima), in Uruguaiana (a city on the border with Argentinal in São Francisco de Paula (Center of Research and Consevation of Nature-Pró-Mata) and an extra mural Campus inthe city of Viamão.

100.000 professionals graduated until end of 2002; 26 teaching units; 69 Undergraduate Courses; 15 Doctoral Courses, 24 Masters Courses; 39 Certificate Courses; 33.334 students; 1.913 professors; 1.484 technical administrative employees; 2487 employees at the Universit Hospital which has 539 hospital beds; 325.467 square meters of constructed area. Its solid physical infra-structure, with modern labs, a Museum of Science and Technology, an Institute for Environmental Presevation Research Centers, University HospitaL Distant Education Unit, Sports Park, Technological Park, Center of Events, Computerized Library, ATM network with transmission speed of 622MB/S and all advanced technology to development of its academic tasks. In the attempt of meeting the social needs, the University has been harmoniously growing in size, complexity and quality, having as a guideline the spread of truth, knowledge and the whole development of the individuaL