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    Semana 29 de agosto a 05 de setembro de 2017.
    RIO PIPELINE 2017 & OTC Brazil 2017 
    24 to 26 October de 2017
    Fonte: Marcelino Guedes Gomes (Petrobrás)
    As you know, we in the Brazilian Pipeline Community have been working with ASME for around 20 years to divulge your aims and initiatives.
    During this period we have been collaborating to increase your membership and awareness in general. We have participated in the establishment of the ASME – Global Pipeline Award, Rio Pipeline Award and Calgary Pipeline Award, together with IBP – Brazilian Petroleum Institute.
    The formal agreement which has existed for many years between ABCM (Brazilian Association of Mechanical Science and Engineering) and ASME has not yet shown the expected results. We are trying to identify projects to make the relationship more practical.
    One example of these efforts is to bring the ASME E-FEST-2018 to Rio de Janeiro. You may not know, but the 2013 Census carried out in Brazil showed that there were 93,000 mechanical engineering students here. They will all need to know about ASME and benefit from ASME produced courses, seminars, codes and technical literature. There is a very active local engineering students chapter in Rio de Janeiro who are waiting for positive action from ASME.
    From 24 to 26 October, we will be holding the RIO PIPELINE CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION. It is traditional for the President Elect of ASME to attend. This year, the opening ceremony will include the Brazilian Minister of Mines and Energy, Heads of ANP (National Petroleum Agency) and IBP, and the CEO of PETROBRAS. The keynote speech in the opening ceremony will be given by Lord John Browne, the former BP CEO for more than 13 years.
    I personally would like to see an ASME President (Past, Present or Elect) sharing this stage. When ASME accepts this proposal, IBP will issue a formal invitation letter. Our idea is that the ASME President also attends the following agenda:
    a) 23rd October – Evening Social event
    b) 24th October – Opening Ceremony  
    c) 25th October – Meetings with IBP and ABCM
    d) 26th October – ASME Award Luncheon            
    Should there be any doubts about the above proposal, please do not hesitate to contact me. The Brazilian Mechanical Engineering Community will be honored by his presence among friends here.
    13th ERCOFTAC SIG 33 Workshop, 
    March 6-8, 2018, Paraty, Brazil 
    Fonte: Prof. Oscar Mauricio Hernandez Rodriguez (EESC-USP)
    We are pleased to announce our upcoming ERCOFTAC SIG 33 workshop on Progress in Flow Instability, Transition and Control. The workshop will be held in Paraty, Brazil, March 6-8, 2018.
    The purpose of the present workshop is to provide a forum where new ideas and concepts on flow stability and control can be openly discussed. 
    Deadline for submission of abstract is December 15, 2017. LaTex template for the one-page abstract can be found on the workshop website. Submission should be done through the same website (to be opened soon).
    We look forward to welcoming you to the workshop.
    Organizers: André Cavalieri (ITA, Brazil), Ardeshir Hanifi & Dan Henningson (KTH, Sweden)
    ICBCHT2018- 10th International Conference on Boiling &
    Condensation Heat Transfer
    12th - 15th March 2018 in Nagasaki, Japan.
    Fonte: Prof. Gherhardt Ribatski (EESC-USP)
    The 10th International Conference on Boiling and Condensation Heat Transfer (ICBCHT10) will be held from 12th - 15th March, 2018 in Nagasaki, Japan.
    This conference is the latest in a series that has been held in Santa Barbara, Banff, Irsee, Alyeska, Jamaica, Spoleto, Florianopolis, Lausanne, and Boulder. The focus will be to provide researchers the opportunity to present and discuss novel work, while also identifying future needs in this critical area of research at international level. Papers related to boiling, condensation, heat transfer enhancement, physical and numerical modeling, as well as experimental techniques will be discussed.
    During the conference, no parallel sessions are prepared. Participants would be able to join and enjoy all of presentations in oral/poster.
    We have 7 keynote speeches from various fields.
    Please pay attention to the important dates:
      31st Aug. 2017:  End of abstract submission
      30th Nov. 2017:  Ends of extended abstract submission/early registration
      31st Jan. 2018:  End of on-line registration
      12th - 15th March 2018: ICBCHT2018
    More information: www.icbcht2018.org
    NOVEM 2018 - 6th Noise and Vibration Emerging Methods 
    7-9 May 2018- Balearic Islands, Spain
    Fonte: Prof. Jose Roberto de Franca Arruda  (UNICAMP)
    The 6th Noise and Vibration Emerging Methods (NOVEM) conference will be held in Ibiza (Balearic Islands, Spain) 7-9 May 2018.  The NOVEM conferences are small, focused events held in small venues to encourage interaction and exchange.  NOVEM topics include:
    -Structural vibration
    -Flow-induced noise and vibration
    -Noise and vibration control
    The conference consists of a small number of parallel sessions, along with daily two-hour forums on special topics.  This year’s special topics are:
    -Validating numerical vibroacoustic models - How much is enough?
    -Nonlinear vibration and noise
    -Optical measurement of continuous vibration and sound fields
    Abstracts are now being accepted and are due by 15 October 2017.
    Please search for NOVEM 2018 for the conference website:
    IHTC-16 - 16th International Heat Transfer Conference
    10th - 15th August 2018 in Beijing, China.
    Fonte: Prof. Gherhardt Ribatski (EESC-USP)
    The International Heat Transfer Conferences (IHTC) are the world’s premier conferences for scientists and engineers in the heat and mass transfer research community. The conferences are convened every four years to exchange the latest heat and mass transfer information.
    We invite forward-looking scientists, engineers, and researchers from all over the world to attend the 16th International Heat Transfer Conference (IHTC-16) in Beijing, China, August 10 to 15, 2018. In addition to exploring traditional research areas, IHTC-16 will ask important questions about how we can better serve society and make this world a better place for all people.
    IHTC-16 will provide participants with unique opportunities for exchanging new ideas and will facilitate extensive discussions throughout the conference.
    Please pay attention to the important dates:
    15th Sep. 2017 Submission of abstract deadline
    15th Oct. 2017 Notification of abstract acceptance
    15 th Dec. 2017 Submission of full-length draft paper
    15 th March 2018 Paper review complete and acceptance notification
    30 th April 2018 Submission of revised paper
    31 st May 2018 Submission of final paper deadline
    10th-15th August 2018 IHTC-16
    More information: www.ihtc16.org
    Programa Nacional de Pós-Doutorado (PNPD)
    O Programa de Pós-Graduação da Área de Engenharia Mecânica (PPG-AEM) da Escola de Engenharia de São Carlos conta com bolsas do Programa Nacional de Pós-Doutorado da CAPES.
    Inscrições até dia 29/09
    Fonte: Prof. Gherhardt Ribatski (EESC-SP)
    De 28/08/2017 a 29/09/2017 encontram-se abertas as inscrições para o processo de seleção de bolsistas de pós-doutorado PNPD para preenchimento de 01 (uma) vaga, para atuar no Programa de Pós-Graduação em Engenharia Mecânica da EESC-USP, pelo período de 02 (dois) anos, com início em novembro de 2017 e possibilidade de renovação por outros 12 meses conforme estabelecido no regulamento para seleção de candidatos e manutenção de bolsistas PNPD – CCP/PPGEM elaborado segundo a Portaria CAPES 086/2013. Detalhes adicionais sobre os procedimentos para inscrição e seleção dos candidatos encontram-se disponíveis no seguinte link: Regulamento para seleção de candidatos e manutenção de bolsistas PNPD 
    Fonte: Prof. Pablo Siqueira Meirelles da FEM-UNICAMP. 
    Recruiting Institution/Company: Ecole Centrale de Lyon (France)
    PhD awarded by: Ecole Centrale de Lyon (France)
    Objectives: This project aims to develop a multi-physics approach to model interfaces under complex dynamic loadings, with the objective of integrating phenomena like wear, friction and heat exchange between volumes in contact and implement them in numerical solvers. The purpose of this research is to carry out accurate modeling and computation of friction interfaces subject to dynamic loadings. Specific nonlinear reduction techniques will be developed to make possible such complex computations.
    Expected Results: The new developed algorithms will allow to :
    - simulate realistic physical phenomenon at interfaces and evaluate the most significant parameters in such modeling (friction, wear, thermal, ...)
    - define an efficient non-linear model reduction strategy adapted to complex interface behavior
    Planned secondment(s):
    SNECMA: insights on existing experimental and numerical data
    SAFRAN: inputs for developing and implementing a complex algorithm
    SNECMA: validation and/or consolidation of the developed algorithm using SNECMA in-house solver
    Profile of the ideal candidate:
    • A strong background in “mechanical vibrations” and “mathematics”
    • Interest in theoretical developments and numerical applications
    • Some knowledge in the field of tribology and numerical techniques will be appreciated
    Call For Papers - Special Issue of Comlexity -Safety in Engineering System from a Nonlinear Dynamical Perspective
    Submission: 12, January 2018
    Fonte: Prof. Dr. Jose Manoel Balthazar(ITA)
    Complexity is a cross-disciplinary journal focusing on the rapidly expanding science of complex adaptive systems. The purpose of the journal is to advance the science of Complexity.
    The most recent Impact Factor for Complexity is 4.621 
    Safety in Engineering System from a Nonlinear Dynamical Perspective Call for Papers
    The aim of this special issue is to present recent developments, findings, and progress on fundamental theories and principles and analytical, numerical, and experimental approaches in nonlinear dynamics of engineering systems from a design perspective, contributing to the safety of these systems in a dynamic environment.
    Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:
    ·Nonlinear dynamics and engineering nonlinearity
    ·Dynamic integrity measures and safe basins of attraction
    ·Impact of uncertainties and noise in engineering systems
    ·Noisy bifurcations
    ·Reduced order models
    ·Discontinuous and multibody dynamical systems
    ·Nonlinear vibration control techniques
    ·Dynamics of multistable systems and metamaterials
    ·Fractal engineering systems
    ·Quantification of sensitivity to initial conditions and imperfections
    ·Systems with multiple potential wells and escape mechanics
    ·Design and control of eminently nonlinear systems
    Authors can submit their manuscripts through the Manuscript Tracking System at https://www.hindawi.com/journals/complexity/  
    Submission Deadline 12 January 2018
    Publication Date June 2018
    Papers are published upon acceptance, regardless of the Special Issue publication date.