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    ENCIT 2018- 17th Brazilian Congress of Thermal Sciences and Engineering 
    November 25th - 28th, 2018 - Águas de Lindóia - SP - Brazil


    Dear Sir/Madam,


    On behalf of the Organizing Committee of ENCIT2018, we inform you that we extended the deadline for abstract submission. The new deadline is now April 23rd, 2018.


    The submission system is open and can be accessed via the ENCIT2018 website https://eventos.abcm.org.br/encit2018/, by clicking on ABCM LOGIN. In the following page, you can login or, if you do not have a login, you may create one. There you can find the MSWord and Latex templates containing the “Instructions for Formatting the Papers of ENCIT 2018”. Additionally, you can find the templates at https://eventos.abcm.org.br/encit2018/about/templates/. All extended abstracts (and full papers) should be written following the instructions in the templates. Then, they should be sent in PDF format.


    Best papers will be invited for submission to the Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering.


    We are looking forward to your submission. 



    Erick Franklin – UNICAMP

    Marcelo Ribeiro – USP


    Organizing Committee of the ENCIT2018

    Erick Franklin – UNICAMP

    Marcelo Ribeiro – USP

    William Wolf – UNICAMP

    Cristiano Tibiriçá – USP

    Marcelo Castro – UNICAMP

    Luben Cabezas – USP